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As our wonderful Executive at Stormont settles into their second year of their second term in power, HOW are we doing?

“The UK’s set of PMI surveys all exceeded City expectations and pointed to a further acceleration in business output growth in March. Meanwhile, the composite survey (comprising of all sectors) for the Republic of Ireland is also improving, and posted its second successive month of positive growth last month. However, unlike its counterparts in GB and the RoI, the latest PMI survey for Northern Ireland is not encouraging. According to data gathered from businesses about their performance, Northern Ireland’s private sector experienced a further deterioration in business conditions across all sectors last month. There were steep falls in both business output and new orders, with private sector firms indicating that they have reduced employment levels for the fourth month in a row.”

Oh well, they do their best, right? Quick, keep pushing the public sector, what can go wrong?

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7 thoughts on “STORMONT ISN’T WORKING…

  1. Come on, they’ve opened up a £100million white elephant in the last couple of weeks and slapped extra rates on big shops. What else do you want….

  2. Pete told us that government doesn’t create jobs, so that clearly isn’t the fault of Dublin 😉

  3. I would imagine that David suggests the devolution be scrapped and we revert back to undemocratic Direct Rule but I’m sure David can speak for himself.

    Oh, and reverting to DR aint gonna happen.

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