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Health Minister Edwin Poots was wrong to call a fellow assembly member a 'village idiot' during a heated debate

Toytown politics;

Stormont Health Minister Edwin Poots was wrong to say a rival Assembly member was acting as “the village idiot” during a heated debate on patient care, it has been ruled. But Assembly Speaker Willie Hay revealed that the victim of the verbal volley failed to turn up to receive an apology from the minister.

So, an MLA is called an idiot and he becomes a victim. The MLA who made the accusation is then a victim because his victim does not turn up. However in another twist we discover that the victim wanted a public, not private, apology. This is what is called joined up politics in Northern Ireland.   They are all village idiots, some might think.

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  1. Didnt the Speaker have the gumption to tell Poots to make his apology in the Chamber?

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