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Incredibly, the political party that presided over THIS are back in the lead in the opinion polls;

The immigration boom under Labour led to the face of Britain changing faster than any major nation except Italy, a study by an Oxford University think tank revealed. During the five-year peak of the influx, the UK’s migrant population soared by 22 per cent – double the average of G8 countries, figures from the Migration Observatory show. Over the past two decades, Britain’s foreign-born population has increased from 3.8million – or 7 per cent of the total population – in 1993 to almost 7million, or 12 per cent per cent in 2010.

Labour set out to change Britain forever, and it has partly succeeded. The demographic changes underway will have even more profound effects in twenty years time. Should Labour return to power, put there by those prepared to keep swallowing Labour lies, it may well finish this country.
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  1. The Socialists went out of their way to create a atmosphere where any criticism of immigration was strongly discouraged and even considered racist.

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