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Had to laugh at this;

Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle has once again hit the headlines because of her distinctive Londonderry accent. Currently appearing as a guest judge on reality US TV show America’s Next Top Model, her strong Derry dialect has led to her being subtitled for the American audience.

I have heard Nadine speak and I would need subtitles to understand her. She has an incredibly thick “Derry” accent. But I have to be honest and say that I suggest people aren’t really that bothered about what she is saying…..here she is trying out the NEW PSNI uniform.

Next move for Nadine Coyle after Thornhill College is Girls Aloud

PS Before I am accused of being anti-that accent, my wife was born and bred in the Maiden City!

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6 thoughts on “SUBTITLED

  1. I must be getting really old!
    “Sexy” to me means good looks, intelligence, and those very feminine qualities of gentleness, vulnerability and caring. It’s sad to see girls reduced to objects having pouty lips, big or firm boobs, and an eagerness to please written all over them.
    Cheryl Cole of course being a case in point!
    This girl hails from Northern Ireland. She has a broad accent, but an even broader set of “bristols.”
    The Americans may not understand her accent, but they certainly understand her body language!
    Sorry guys,
    I don’t want to come across as a prude, but a sexy woman is more than this.

  2. Sex appeal is quite a subjective concept and I agree with much of what you say Agi but a beautiful face and voluptuous figure certainly don’t do any harm.

    In terms of accents some people find that part of the attraction. I have been told before that my reasonably broad Belfast accent is “exotic”

    There’s nothing wrong with Nadine’s accent . . . hey!

  3. Paul,
    “Paul McMahon” and “exotic” are uneasy bedfellows.
    Sorry Paul, you ain’t never going to be sexy!
    I don’t care what her accent is, I am against the “plasticisation” of females. A lovely girl or woman will delight any man’s peni heart, but a real man falls in love with a woman of substance.
    I can think of many women I have met who were not attractive in the airbrushed sense; but attractive through a combination of a shapely leg, a full bosom, a smile and an intelligent conversation that told me, “I find you attractive; come closer.”
    Then Paul, you’re lost!

    Wanna come over to Norfolk and eddicate me on your political views?
    The invitation is still there..

  4. As I said Agi, sex appeal is largley a subjective concept. I really have been told that my accent is exotic, (incidentally, you’d be surprised the pleasant effect that the Irish accent can have on nubile English fillies).

    I don’t think that I disagree with any of what you say I just think that feminine physical attributes are certainly not a hinderance.

    I’d love to come over and sup a pint with you on your home turf however it’s a decision largely based on the diktats approbation of my darling wife and children so the best I can do at the minute is leave it with me and we’ll see and a promise that the next time I’m across the water I promise I’ll make a detour to Norfolk, (with sufficient prior warning given of course)

  5. Pauly,
    I am a man of my word, and I will leave some details with the blessed David Vance on how you can contact me. I understand how some Ni /Sinn Fein issues are very close to your heart, even if I cannot feel them myself. But if we can agree to have a good old yarn and exchange of viewpoints without coming to blows, it might do something for intenational relations after all..
    You’ll like my wife,
    but not too much
    If you get my drift… 😉

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