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By Pete Moore On April 26th, 2012

The heart breaks for Barry Sheerman MP. He tweets:

“Just had worst coffee & bacon bap in London at Victoria Station. Why can’t Camden Food Co employ English staff?”

This being modern, illiberal Britain, he now finds himself accused of the high crimes of racism, xenophobia blah blah. Not unreasonably, he declares that “I am not a xenophobe. I am an MP and I represent the good folk of Huddersfield not Gdansk!”

Yep, I’m on his side there, but what a cheek of him to be complain about foreigners serving him in the first place. Sheerman has guzzled our taxes, on behalf of the Labour Party, since 1979. For all of that time his faction has done its best to both destroy meaningful education and to promote the death grip of welfarism on society. For at least two decades his traitorous faction has been at the forefront of abolishing our borders while enabling EU occupation of a once-sovereign nation, giving 400 million foreigners as much right to enter Britain and work here as Britons.

This parasite has grazed fat on our taxes while all of this was going on, and he now complains about the service he gets from a minimum-wage girl who at least is prepared to do a job the natives won’t do because they’re trousering enough welfare to incentivise them otherwise. Barry Sheerman should complain in front of a mirror!

If he had an ounce of decency he’d resign. What he so hates is very much the result of Labour Party policy which he is happy to promote at each election. But that would mean falling off the gravy train and doing something respectable instead of looting us every day.


  1. Agit8ed, on April 25th, 2012 at 9:27 pm Said: Barry Sheerman??
    I hope to my God he ain’t Jewish, lest I be accused of being obsessive!
    He CAN’T be Jewish, no Jew in their right mind would ask that kvestion.
    Please see my
    “Agit8ed, on April 25th, 2012 at 9:27 pm Said: ”
    Incidentally Pete,
    I went for further boot fittings yesterday, and the guy who advised us had actually done this walk (Camino d’Santiago).
    He said that it can get very wet and humid up in the Pyrenees, so I am going to talk to my (I think|) Catholic doctor for advice.
    If he suggests a mobile oxygen tent, will you be up to pushing it??

  2. “‘I know she was from Eastern Europe but I don’t know if it was Lithuania or Poland.”… and just how would the insufferable oaf know that? or maybe, she could have come from any one of the numerous Eastern bloc countries, after all she is a ‘European citizen’, the oaf obvioulsy has not grasped the fact, he and his ilk, do not make the rules, or runs the show anymore.

  3. Agit8ed –

    I’ll be weighed down with my fags, thanks.

    It does get wet in the Pyrenees. The Atlantic fronts come in, air’s pushed up and down comes the rain. Maybe you could just cut that section out and start at, say, Pamplona. You’d still have a jolly long walk starting from there.

    What boots did you end up with?

  4. Pete,
    thanks for your continued interest.
    At the moment this wet drought makes breathing more difficult.
    I have a bloke coming on Monday to fit a positive pressure ventilation system,
    My lungs can’t cope with prolonged/excessive damp,so as you say I may have to cut out part of the walk. If you insist on bringing your fags, I might then be forced to throw you off the nearest cliff!
    I am seeing the doctor next week.
    Regarding boots, i haven’t yet decided between a Chris Brasher Akhlun GTX or a Meindl Borneo Pro….

  5. Poor old Barry….at least he got something….soon afterwards he was followed into the shop by Tom Watson MP and Lord Prescott……I still don’t know which fat bastard ate all the pies….only that we paid for them.

  6. What a buffoon. He thinks the reason that the coffee and bacon bap are crap is because the person serving him was Polish, what an idiot. Camden Food Co are obviously cheapskates appealing to a cheapskate market.

    The labour is cheap, no doubt the ingredients and equipment are cheap as well. You get what you pay for Barry.

  7. Agit8ed –

    Yep, I’m sure this is an April to forget. What condition do you have?

    That’s a pretty hardcore choice of boots. Make sure you break them in well before you go. The Meindl Borneo is a pretty stiff boot, very well made. The Brashers I see are B1 boots, meaning they can take crampons for winter mountain hiking, but it’ll mean they’re very stiff also.

  8. Pete,
    My brother in law reckons Meindl are the best ones to go for, and I am looking around for a good deal/ special offer on line. Your cheap goods and services thing – you should be proud of me 😉
    I have a mixture of long term asthma (since 16), and recently it has become Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, irreversible due to airway scarring over the years.
    So everything I do is done fairly leisurely. I can’t run far any more, but could probably still throw you off the cliff should the need arise.. 😉

  9. Agit8ed –

    That’s a tough gig with the COLD. I can see why wet and humid places aren’t your cup of tea.

  10. An MP has been twatted – fantastic! The sooner the scum in Parliament get jailed for tweet-crimes, the better. After all, they did so much to bring this about.