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By Pete Moore On April 26th, 2012

“What happens all over the world is our business.”

That’s Marco Rubio, widely-touted as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick. Given Rubio’s establishment-pleasing, all-war-all-the-time remarks the other day, it’s just as likely that someone made the choice for Romney.

33 Responses to “ATW QOTD”

  1. I don’t agree with Rubio on a number of things, but he certainly isn’t “all war all the time.” Just more Ron Paulite lack of seriousness.

  2. An Atlantic and Pacific power would by definition have global interests.

  3. Phantom –

    Big deal, you have a coast on both oceans. That doesn’t make Panama a global power.

    Russians could point to their nine time zones and borders with dozens of countries (whereas you have just the two) as justificaton for making the world march to a Russian drum.

    The Chinese could say that for each American there are more than four Chinese, so China must surely have four times the global interests of the US, no?

    When you start justifying Wilsonion interventionism you won’t be able to avoid making it for others too.

  4. I didn’t necessarily do that.

    But a global power has global interests.

    You’d think that a British person would understand that.

    Beginning with freedom of the seas, etc.

    Admiral Mahan and all that.

  5. Phantom –

    We civilised an undeserving world.

    With your “but a global power has global interests”, you misinterpret Rubio. Look again at what he said:

    “What happens all over the world is our business.”

    In effect he is denying the sovereignty of all but the US. In stating that everything is Washington’s business, he relegates sovereignty, self-determination and the right to act in one’s own self interest, everywhere, below Washington’s interests.

  6. Rubio is scary (I bet they love him on Fox).

    The neo-cons will be back in the White House if Romney wins. More wars are guaranteed.

  7. In fairness to Rubio, his knowledge of the world is probably only two notches above that of a Palin, a Cain, or a Perry.

    So yes, he’s probably the VP guy.

  8. Actually, Romney probably comes close to being a real neocon.

  9. Rubio is saying interest, not control.

  10. And who decided on Marco Rubio? (Btw, isn’t he Cuban-born and therefore inelligible as President?). Well, the people who decided on Rubio are in Chantilly, Virginia from 31st May to 3rd June which is reminiscent of 2008 when they brokered the Democrats selection of Presidential candidate (that was when BO disappeared and the journalists in his entourage were effectively imprioned on a plane for a few hours). The good thing is the great Gullible American Public get to choose which of Bilderberg’s choices will implement their ‘policy’ for the next 4 years.


    – One activist, Ali Aslan, walked alongside Thomas Enders, the Airbus boss, and
    asked him what was being discussed at this year’s conference. “Nothing bad,” said Enders. “We are just making our agendas.” (This was the German word used: agenda – the same as in English).

    “I don’t understand,” said Alsan. “There are politicians inside. Why are we not allowed to know what you’re talking about?”

    Enders smiled and said:

    “I don’t have to tell you, and you don’t need to know.”

    And with that, he and his fellow delegates ducked beneath the security cordon, into the blessed safety of Bilderberg.

    I don’t know who organised the conference itinerary this year – but good luck in your next job. –

    Attendees in 2011:

    Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon.com, Chris R. Hughes, Co-founder of Facebook, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Craig J. Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer at Microsoft Corporation, and Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of LinkedIn.

    Also: Vice President of the European Commission, the President of the European Council, the Director General of the World Trade Organization, the President of the European Central Bank, the President of The World Bank, and the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme.

    US Deputy Secretary of State, the Commander of USCYBERCOM and the Director of the National Security Agency.

    Not enough?

    Representatives from EVERY major US think-tank. Senior figures from the National Bank of Belgium, the Nordea Bank of Denmark, the Deutsche Bank of Germany, the Investor AB bank of Sweden, the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG of Austria, and the Investimentos bank of Portugal. The Chairman of Barclays bank, the Chairman of HSBC, the Chairman of Goldman Sachs, the CEO of TD Bank Financial Group, the Vice Chairman of Citigroup and the former Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank.

    The former German Minister of Finance, the current British Chancellor of the Exchequer, the current Greek Minister of Finance, the current Italian Minister of Economy and Finance, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, the former US Secretary of the Treasury and the former Governor of the Federal Reserve Board.

    All these people meet up, in complete secrecy, and few major news sources bother to cover it.

  11. He was born in Florida to Cuban parents.

  12. “All these people meet up, in complete secrecy, and few major news sources bother to cover it.”

    It must be that they’re all old friends who just enjoy each other’s company.

    Anyone who’d suggest that the wealthy and powerful plot in secrecy – a secrecy maintained by the media – must be “a conspiracy theorist”.

  13. Seamus – if you’re going to amswer a question, back it with a conclusive source. I’m not saying that you’re factually incorrect (I haven’t checked), but it is good policy to do so.

  14. “All these people meet up, in complete secrecy, and few major news sources bother to cover it.”

    How can they cover it if it is done in complete secrecy?

    If it is done in complete secrecy how am I reading a list of attendees?

  15. Lists of attendees are not issued to the newspapers for general discussion and reporting. The reason why there is a list of Bildererg attendees is because it is leaked or ‘acquired’. More importantly, there will be no minutes of any discussions, no conclusions, no points of action to read for those like us who “don’t need to know”.

    Here is last year’s list of nobodys discussing nothing at all:


    But hey, it’s only ‘conspiracy theory’.

  16. Frank – priceless.

  17. no Pete first off you have no sovereignty, you ceded it to the EU you are just another vassal state.

    What happens in the world is OUR business the past 100 years have proven that the rest of you are unwilling, unable, and incompetent, of keeping the wolves away from your own doors let alone anyone else.

    The US is far from a perfect nation, yet as bad as we can be we are the force of good and justice in the world even when we decide to destroy some nation, we always give control back to the individual people.

    Unlike the British we have NEVER built an empire.

    We have eyes and ears everywhere, we have the ability and will to keep track of everything that goes on in the entire world, in truth there are no secrets. Al-Queda had to go hide in caves and live in stone age conditions, not to be monitored, and even then if Bill Clinton had been handling their string of attacks as a military threat rather than a police one they would have been monitored there.

    You can pick the side on which you choose to stand, but understand, the US is always on a war footing since 9/11, no matter how much the Obama regime is betraying the nation and trying to dismantle and undermine our national security. He has 195days left until his reign of Obaminations is over.

    And don’t think that even if in some fluke he gets re-elected that he will at anytime soon be able to dismantle our strength, nor will he hesitate to use it. Ask the Paki hill tribes about remote controlled warfare. Obama just signed a deal with the Afghans to continue our drone war for another 10 years.

    Not to mention the reactions he will be forced to take after the jews bomb Iran and Iran attacks our assets in retaliation.

    We make Rome look feeble, and compared to our soldiers the Spartans were pussies, bow to your knee and give thanks that we exist, cause without us you surely wouldn’t.

  18. just for you Pete… believe this. the following clip is more representative of the american people than anything you’ll read in the press or come out of the mouths of our politicians.


  19. Good for you, Troll

  20. “What happens in the world is OUR business the past 100 years have proven that the rest of you are unwilling, unable, and incompetent, of keeping the wolves away from your own doors let alone anyone else.”

    I have to agree with Troll, and not even reluctantly. Great Britain’s economic and military might had been shrinking even before ww2. With some exceptions we have a past to be proud of. Through the Industrial Revolution and the Agricultural Revolution we led the world. Through great social reforms we became the model for modern democratic states. That was the blossoming of our particular version of Anglo-Saxon creativity.

    Since then the world has caught up, and economically at least overtaken us. The cancer of a bloated Welfare State has sapped our strength and vigour even further. We are unashamedly dependent on educated talented people from overseas to run key areas of our infrastructure, and shameless about corrupting and debasing our educational standards so that our own young shun hard work and dedication.

    Meanwhile, Europe has devoted itself to seeking a socialist utopia, posing as a new trading bloc with world wide influence. Cynically espousing world peace and reconciliation whilst sheltering under an American military umbrella – which incidentally, they will publicly attack, but could not do without.
    I suppose that is why I feel some sympathy with American isolationists, a cessation of outsourcing of US manufacturing, and a replacement of President Barack Obama’s drive to take the US down the European (socialist)road.
    America is the last bastion of true democratic and economic freedom.

  21. Troll –

    Did you really equate modern Americans with Spartans? How quaint, except I can’t imagine Spartans willingly insulting and demeaning themselvesby putting up with an overbearing regime like Washington.

    Yes, I know that the US has been on a war footing since 9/11. In truth it’s been at constant war for longer than that, and there’s your problem. ”

    War is the health of the State”, as a wise man once pointed out. It’s both the most socialistic of ventures and always guaranteed to diminish liberties. In your country the Civil War, both world wars, the Cold War and 9/11 resulted in massive encroachments by the State into civil society. War always and everywhere only expands and empowers the State.

    Any conservative who does not recognise this does not have the right to describe himself as a conservative.

  22. Agit8ed –

    “America is the last bastion of true democratic and economic freedom.”

    America is just another bust, socialist/fascist police state.

  23. Pete,
    I think you are wrong.
    America is being dragged towards the European model, but if you watched Sir Trevor McDonald’s “Mississippi”, it is plain to see that there remains a vibrancy about the US.
    Just listening to some of the young and not so young who have made their home there, you see that commitment to the US ideal still burns brightly.
    If the US is turning into a facist police state, I can see two reasons.
    One being that they are trying to preserve freedom and civil order in the face of increasing attacks from terrorism, and two, their present President is trying to drag them down the European Socialist route.

  24. Pete is a smart guy who completely disrespects his own intellect. He has outsourced his thoughts to the same cabal that Allan sold his soul to.

    It’s a pity.

  25. Agit8ed –

    Yes, there remains a vibrancy about the US, but we know that the character of a people can be wholly changed in an astonishingly short time.

    Something they’ve lost is the culture of liberty. Sure, the Tea Party has its slogans and RINOs talk the talk, but these are just folk memories, cultural echoes from a time when America was a free country (and that was long ago).

    Look at the Republicans in here. They always choose socialism and the State over liberty and civil society. Like the Tea Party, they know the words but they don’t know what they mean. They’re just repeating sounds from an earlier age and a different country.

    You mention the current president. A couple of months ago he claimed for himself the power of the Caesars. He awarded himself the power to have anyone murdered, anywhere, simply on his word, including Americans. What was the reaction of the Republicans in here? They cheerd it. My case is proven.

    Of course Obamses is making America more socialist. It’s what presidents do. He is merely standing on the shoulders of his predecessors, Demicans and Republicrats alike. Romney will continue the process. Like all of his predecessors, including the deified Reagan, he will tax more, spend more and leave more liberty-crushing laws on the books than when he’s sworn in, if he’s sworn in.

  26. Pete,
    I absolutely agree with,
    “but we know that the character of a people can be wholly changed in an astonishingly short time.”
    You only have to look at Coronation Street to see that! All the oldun’s swept away on a sea of kitchen sink drama, and seediness.

    I have touched on this before in one of my anti-multicultural rants, but changing the makeup of a society inevitably changes the values and practices of that society. This process speeds up as minority groups grow in numbers and influence.

    So far, it is the strength of the American Dream, the oath of loyalty, and the wealth of that nation which has held America together.
    I hope that will continue for a long time to come.
    Again, going back to Sir Trevor McDonald, so many of the Americans he talked to were polite, articulate and responsible. Such a contrast to the UK!

    I don’t agree that all presidents want to take America down the socialist road. From what I can understand Obama definitely does. The others are controlled or pander to the big economic players, the weapons industry and the politicians who have fingers and friends in a lot of lucrative pies.
    That is the real problem, and that is where (I think) George Orwell was so uncannily prophetic in his writings.
    Pete you are a clever and thoughtful bloke; but sometimes I think you assume everybody should want to be like you.
    I am not sure that would be a desirable outcome… 😉

  27. ” Socialist road ”

    This should not include a properly designed healthcare scheme ( and I don’t say that Obamacare is that )

    This is where the Republicans should be hung from the highest tree – they have idioted up the debate.

  28. Agit8ed –

    You seem to be suggesting that when you mix a sifficient number of immigrants, you lose some kind of social cohesion. If so, I thoroughly agree. It’s the obvious catastrophe inflicted on the British society this past 60 years. Have you any idea how many Hispanics are flooding into the US?

    “So far, it is the strength of the American Dream, the oath of loyalty, and the wealth of that nation which has held America together.”

    The “American Dream” and pledging allegiance and all that are Statist myths. It’s all bunk for the masses. I’d suggest that the rule of law, (historically) small government and the essential decency of a culture derived from Anglo Saxon ways which are more significant there.

    And of course everyone should want to be like me.

  29. Pete,
    I AM saying that!
    The Americans have been able to build a strong nation by demanding new citizens swear allegiance to the flag, the military serves to shape and train and educate (like Israel), and the economy don’t issue feather beds..
    But it will change.. I fear Obama has the same mindset as exists in many African states.
    You don’t build up the wealth, you squabble over what’s left.

    I’ve said it before; when you contrast how some nations sit around pissing in the drinking water, waiting for someone to rescue them, the Japanese were up and rebuilding and repairing all the time they were grieving.
    For me that’s the difference. Self help or Handouts.

  30. Pete,
    I like you
    but one of you’s enough. 😉

  31. There’s a reason for Obama’s African mindset …

  32. anyone who believes the fire of the spirit of the people of the US is a fool. The immigrants that refuse to assimilate are a very very small minority.

    I chose the clip above for a reason, I grew up in a city that was dominated by three distinct cultures, Italian, Irish, and Black. Over the decades all 3 have had their hands on the reigns of power.

    America is an amalgamation of subcultures, always has been, always will be. Yet there are aspects of our culture that most of the world, and a large segment of you just don’t grasp. Defeat and submission are not part of out culture.

    Our concepts of freedom, and liberty are far different than yours, and far from being watered down, let alone dead. No matter how bad things get here, we still laugh at the rest of you.

  33. should read: anyone who believes the fire of the spirit of the people of the US is lacking is a fool