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When people wonder why crime keeps on rising…they might want to reflect on this example of non-justice;

Career criminal Jason Reed committed 22 break-ins after the judge failed to lock him up the first time he appeared before her. Reed, who is also a convicted rapist, left victims terrified in a series of crimes after being handed only a three-year suspended sentence by Judge Carol Hagen. Three weeks ago Judge Hagen, who has a history of leniency, finally took decisive action and jailed Reed, 39, for six years. But she brought him back to court after having second thoughts and reduced his sentence by a year. Back in court at the beginning of April, he admitted one burglary and one theft and asked for 49 other break-ins over the past decade to be taken into consideration. Almost half his crimes had been committed since Judge Hagen failed to jail him.

Could we jail Judge Hagen? Over the years, here on ATW, we have continually returned to this theme of weak justice with liberal Judges systematically turning the very concept of Justice into a joke. The problem is that if YOU are at  the recipient end of crime, it’s not a laughing matter.

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  1. what,s that old chestnut you get from the feminists,if more women held power there would be less trouble in the world.

  2. This is nothing to do with the Judge being a woman. It is to do with the judge being a deluded fool and a poor advocat for proper justice for victims of crime. There are just as many equally wrongheaded men on the benches.

  3. It’s not just that she fancies Reed and likes to see him regularly in her court. Googling her name shows a record of leniency against serious criminals. She is complicit in many serious crimes.

    For the sake of future, innocent victims, I sincerely hope she is soon the victim of serious crimes herself.

  4. Pete,
    Know her well, do you?
    Nothing to do with tv licence evasion I hope?

    Where’s this farm shop of yours then?
    When you say “I can point you to a cracking farm shop. It’s full of great stuff.”,
    is this according to your definition of “cheap goods and services” or mine?
    Remember, you’re the man who nearly caused me a heart attack with your Paramo outdoor wear clothing…

  5. Agit8ed –

    It’s not the price, it’s what you get for it.

    This is the place, the Elveden Estate shop. It’s on the A11, opposite the church in Elveden. I always call in when I drive by.

  6. Being serious we need some mechanism to quality control the Judiciary. This Judge is turning our legal system into a visible farce.

  7. The point that “lenient” judges miss, is that in a civilised society we have a contract with the state and the forces of law and order.
    We do not take the law into our own hands, we rely upon the police and the courts to protect us.
    If they choose not to keep their side of this bargain, then people will inevitably start to protect thenmselves.
    This is no more than encouragement for vigilanties.

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