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Here’s an amazing story;

A Scottish great-grandmother was shown mercy in court today after she was branded a racist for calling a man an ‘English t*at’ in a row over a disabled resident parking space. Charity worker Georgina McCole, 64, wept as a sheriff admonished her for hurling racist abuse at Leslie Bush during the argument over whether her granddaughter, who is not disabled, was entitled to use the space.  McCole told Perth Sheriff Court she had responded to Mr Bush calling her a ‘Scottish git’ by replying that he was an ‘English t*at’. Sheriff Raymond McMenamin imposed no punishment on McCole after being told that she had no previous convictions and had never been in trouble before.

Listen, I have no dog in the dispute between McCole and Bush BUT there is no way this should ever have gotten near a court. I think McCole has a perfect right to call Mr Bush an “English T*at” – it is NOT racist, it is vulgar and stupid, although it is also at least 50% factual assuming Mr  Bush comes from England. We are now entering the age where the Courts enforce the Neo-Marxist vocabulary of the politically correct and we let this pass without a murmur. Where will it end?

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15 thoughts on “STRANGLING FREE SPEECH..

  1. welcome too Scotland 2012,its an offence too wave flags at football matches “in an aggressive manner,”
    “sing the national anthem provocatively”
    “bless yourself provocatively”.

    All these crimes carry punishment ranging from a £40 spot fine too FIVE YEARS IN JAIL.

    This is what you get when you vote national socialism.


    whats that dear my deep fried mars bars are ready,sorry chaps got too go, breakfast.

  2. Absolutely pathetic!
    This is another example of how governments can take, then waste OUR money! How the heck do these cases get to court anyway?
    If you have worked on building sites or other all male environments, insults are almost essential to good working practices…

  3. There is a case for prosecuting someone who is behaving aggresively and threateningly in a violently menacing manner but if this case was purely about hanging a ‘racist’ charge on the use of the term English twat then that is pathetic and a ridiculous overreaction.

    Ps – Was he charged for calling her a Scottish git ?

  4. Colm,
    As David pointed out the most disagreeable part of this story is the general deterioration in manners and modesty.
    For a 64 (that’s a spookily topical number!)year old grandmother charity (Tourettes?) worker, to call anyone a “tw*t” is pretty disgusting.

  5. Colm,
    “Ps – Was he charged for calling her a Scottish git ?”

    but I doubt either of ’em are likely to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize any time soon..

  6. Agit8ed

    If it was a soap opera, the scene where 2 people scream hatred at each other would soon be followed by the 2 of them jumping into bed together 🙂

  7. A 64 year old aggressive grannie?
    Might be a a new career opening for Wayne Rooney.. ?

  8. I do not know any details of Scottish Law but I fail to see why a member of one race who shouts insults at a member of the same race can be regarded as committing a racial incident. I can very well see that the insults had a nationalistic content but not racial.

  9. I’d love to see that confrontation on YouTube. You silly TWAT…response: feck of you bold GIT!

    In the United States we don’t bother throwing verbal abuse at others during a parking space dispute. In the South one or both parties pull out 9mm hand-guns and winner take all.

    Up North, where only the bad-guys have guns it’s usually a brutal dust-up with the loser being taken away in an ambulance with a fractured skull, two broken arms and deep lacerations all over his body.

    The Brits are wimps.

  10. Just check the language and philosophy:

    “A Scottish great-grandmother was shown mercy in court today after she was branded a racist for calling a man an ‘English …”

    Until recently this would have been a sitcom sketch. Putting aside the perverse definition of racism, it’s whether or not the accused can be “shown mercy”. That’s because “racism” is now the head of all crime in our vicious, Marxist State.

    No doubt some people are scratching their heads at the story. Well it’s not as if they haven’t been warned.

    Next will come the political show trials not for what we apparently do, but for what we are accused of not doing. If we don’t demonstrably hate what we are told to hate (liberty, “white hegemony” etc) we’ll be in big trouble, branded mentally ill or prosecuted. It’ll be a form of Big Brother’s “two minute hate” for everyone.

    If you love the State, taxes, carbon rationing, the security state, approved histories, approved diets, obeissance to the overlords, then you’ll be safe.

  11. Colm –

    T’was might have been ever thus elsewhere, but I prefer the way we lived our lives, in our country, until recently.

    The idea that a Scottish woman could be “branded” as anything and prosecuted for calling someone “an English twat” would have been unthinkable to our ancestors.

  12. Yes Pete, but centuries ago she could have been prosecuted and jailed for heresy if she failed to follow the ‘politically correct’ line on faith, or witchcraft if she chose to live an unorthodox lifestyle. Unthinkable nowadays but not unthinkable to our ancestors.

  13. Strange that the “English” part of the phrase was seen as more offensive than the “t*at” part. Perhaps the Sherrif is a tad racist in thinking that.

  14. Good thing my Scottish neighbor emigrated to the US…she’d be spending the rest of her life in lockup…I love running into her in the morning…she says all things I’m too prim and proper to say…I live vicariously through her dirty, dirty mouth…;-)

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