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Cardinal Sean Brady

Have to admit but when I watched the popular US Sitcom The Brady Bunch, I don’t remember a Cardinal Brady! However most people here in Northern Ireland are VERY aware of Cardinal Brady and in a live poll on TV last night, 96% called on him to RESIGN as details of more sordid details of sex abuse involving Roman Catholic priests emerged. This follows a  victim of Ireland’s most notorious paedophile priest saying the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady, should resign.

Brendan Boland was responding to a BBC This World programme which found Cardinal Brady failed to pass details of sex abuse to police or parents. It found that in 1975, Cardinal Brady had the names and address of children being abused by Fr Brendan Smyth. Smyth, a paedophile, continued to attack children for a further 13 years. Cardinal Brady claimed the BBC exaggerated his authority at that time. He said he had “absolutely no authority over Smyth” and had felt betrayed that those in the Church who had the power to stop Smyth did not do so. Mr Boland told the BBC he thought Cardinal Brady’s refusal to resign was wrong.

Brady can argue all about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin but the fact remains that he clearly failed at a moral level, if not at a practical level, never minding the legal level. The hurt caused by paedophile priests is visceral and I feel so sorry for Mr Boland and those other young kids in the mid-1970’s serially abused by those clerical wolves wearing crosses. Brady could have done more, he should have done more, and he should go and go now. No Church should hesitate to set the moral record clear – that is their duty.

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One thought on “THE BRADY BUNCH

  1. He should step down or be removed from his position. But the powers are afraid that they will set a precedent for the rest of those who failed like he did. It is a lingering disgrace.

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