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Do you share the sense of disappointment that police investigating the murder of 11 year old Rhys Jones are experiencing as they try to find the killer of this innocent young boy? It appears that the investigation is being hampered by a wall of silence thrown up by the local community. Police believe the killer may be as young as 13 years, and used a a long-barrelled black handgun to kill young Rhys. What sort of people would shield such a killer? What sort of a local community is this, that would refuse to give up the murderer in its midst? I guess the attached video, made by the "youths" of Croxteth explainsl – feral, out of control and the enemy within. 

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7 thoughts on “THE WALL OF SILENCE

  1. There is something pretty sinister about the police response to all this.
    Their first statement on the murder was to say it would be a long and complicated investigation.
    What on earth do they mean, and what are they trying to say? One culprit and one victim. What’s so complicated about that?
    I smell a rat here, and a few mouths have been silenced.
    The proverbial would hit the fan if there was a mere smidgeon of a racial element here, and everyones treading on eggshells over it.
    To my eyes this murder looks like an ‘initiation rite’ that certain ethnic gangs are so fond of, and I would suggest the police will string it out for a long time to allow things to cool off.

  2. Interesting interview last night on ITV news which said that the guns going into England came from here. Old decommissioned army guns was mentioned. Guns can be gotten easily from conflict zones, said the expert being interviewed. He did say they came from other sources, but generally NI seemed to be his main opinion.

    What sort of community is this, one that is living in fear, similar to what we had here.

  3. The guns featured in the video are:

    British Webley & Scott Mk VI revolver in .455 Eley (probably a civillian model)

    American Smith & Wesson K-frame revolver in .38 special (probably a Military & Police model)

    12 bore side-by-side sawn-off hammerless shotgun, probably English, most likely worth a fortune if it wasn’t cut-down

    Russian Tokarev TT33 in 7.63mm Mauser (post-war manufacture)

    So a pretty diverse bunch. The shotgun was probably stolen in this country but the rest I would hate to guess at.

  4. It was all so unecessary. The forced, failed experiment of multiracialism claims yet another victim. It was so nice of the british government to relieve decent White Brits of their guns before unleashing black gangs and cowardly muslim rapists on the populace, wasn’t it?

    I look forward to the day when all the politicians in the West face trial for crimes carried out against the White race, it will be glorious. Where is Oswald Mosley when you need him?

    Viva la Rasa Blanca!!

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