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As you know, the British pension scheme is basically bankrupt. We can thank Gordon Brown for a large part of that but don’t despair, I bring you good news;

“Britain faces paying pensions to all migrants under an EU plot to seize control of the benefits system. It would allow people who have never worked in this country to claim welfare and retirement cash. Last night the European Commission denied it was trying to harmonise social security systems, saying the deal would mean migrant workers were not put at a financial disadvantage when moving between states.”

Well, it would say that, wouldn’t it? The truth is that the EU will continue to try and seize control of ALL our residual sovereignty over issue such as Pensions and our only defence against this sustained onslaught is to leave the EU.  Yet all of three largest parties remain committed to keeping us locked into the system that corrodes our democracy and makes a joke out of our law.

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7 thoughts on “THE PENSION POT

  1. but comrade you must take care of the people, you are not cooperating we might have to send you to Siberia, or in the EUs case I guess that would be Greece.

    Socialism/Communism/Progressivism etc etc etc. None of it works.

    A man must work and produce to make his society work. Nobody owes you anything, feeling that they do always leads to collapse of a society.

  2. Look at the European Union as the EUSSR (European Union of Slick Socialist Repressions). Alas, the UK is just a speed-bump on their road to total domination.

    The United Kingdom follows a modified Socialist doctrine, but compared to Germany and the Scandinavian countries the UK might just as well be a clone of America. And the Brussels bamboozlers want to destroy that thorn in their pompous side.

    By bankrupting the retirement fund they have begun taking the country apart piece by piece. The first step, a universal currency, was defeated by England, but the enemy grows more and more insidious. Like the ocean waves nipping against the shore the EUSSR will wear down the most militant supporters of a sovereign United Kingdom.

    Only that approaching asteroid has the power to reverse the demonic tide.

  3. It certainly appears that the only way that the UK can ever come close to having a sound budget, or control over any of its affairs, is to negotiate an orderly withdrawal from the EU.

    A pension system is only sound to the extent that it benefits those who paid into it. This is the opposite of that.

    The British politicians may want to realize that they can say ” no ” to things. Saying so to a nonsense such as this would facilitate ( another ) crisis, but it’s a crisis that you, and Europe, need to have.

    Going to the courts, as the Employment Minister says you are doing, had better not be the only response. It should be at most a secondary response. The primary response is a loud, public ” no “, and building a consensus inside and outside the country for that position, so that the other side backs down and stays backed down.

  4. If a British person who paid into the system retires to say Spain or another EU country, do they receive a British pension?

    If the same person retires to say Florida, do they receive the British pension?

    The US Social Security benefit goes to the retiree no matter where they live. I’d hope that this is the way the British plan works, but now I wonder….

  5. Phantom,

    As a fully paid-up British pensioner for quite a few years now, I never failed to have my UK bank account refreshed each month with a financial libation from HM Pensions service, while resident in the USA, via an E2 visa.

    The same does not apply if on a work pernmit or other paid employment, where medicaire or medicade deductions are made.

    What is more, if there was an annual UK increase, then that was automatically added, which is not the case with many other countries, it depends on the arrangements HM has with various other governments. UK pensioners in Australia don’t get that as they get their increas direct from their govt.

  6. direct from their govt – that should read – ‘direct from the Austarlian govt’

  7. There’s an easy way for the UK to be made whole in this situation.

    Ask the ” sending EU country ” to fully fund the pension benefit of any arriving legal immigrant, and offer to do the same for any British citizen who moves within the EU.

    Problem solved.

    Unless this is really meant to pick the British and ” rich country’s taxpayers’ pockets.

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