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Just because we have become increasingly disinterested in Al Queda does not mean it has become disinterested in us;

The CIA has disrupted an al-Qaeda plot to bring down a US-bound airline using a new underwear bomb around the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death. Terrorists in Yemen reportedly planned to use a device similar to the one that failed to explode on a plane to Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009 but American officials said the new bomb was significantly more sophisticated. While the would-be suicide bomber had yet to select a target and there was no imminent threat of attack, the plot served as a reminder of al-Qaeda’s ambitions to strike against US civilians. Leon Panetta, the US defence secretary, confirmed the operation last night, saying the US must “continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country.”

In this murky world of counter terrorism, there are a lot of unknowns, and with the Obama regime one can never be sure of what is not being said BUT there are at least 3 points to be made here;

1. Thank goodness our Intelligence services did disrupt this plot to take innocent life.

2. Yemen seems to feature as a base for Islamic terrorism and so should be targeted in all possible ways.

3. Commercial aircraft seem to still feature very highly in the evil mindset of Islamic terror. They must love the idea of causing such horrendous mass murder.

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  1. It was just last week in Kabul that Obama said Al-Qaeda was all but defeated, and the War on terror is over. yet this week alone WE have another panty bomber, we have a kidnapped American on video giving relaying threats if we don’t stop targeting AQ in 4 different countries.

    Add to that that it has been leaked out that every time our soldiers capture a high ranking Tallywacker in Afghanistan The Obama regime releases him to make brownie points as we negotiate our retreat from the country.

    This is a major disaster on all fronts the past 4 years, it couldn’t be imagined that so much harm could be achieved in one term of a president. It gets rvrn worse I’m trying to research 4 treaties he is trying to get finished this year win or loose.

    Treaties under american law trump the constitution, they only have to be signed by the president and ratified by the senate. The house doesn’t get to vote on them. If what I’m hearing on these 4 treaties is true. The US will become a vassal state to 3 international organizations set up by these traties where our resources and laws will be judged by these groups and we will only have one vote out of 160, and no veto power. A parting gift from Barack and Hillary

  2. Kudos to all involved in spoiling another Jihadist big day.
    Obviously there’ll be a need for continued vigillance as long as there are so many nutters still around.

    By the way, should western governments not be advising their female citizens to be careful about slipping a hand into foreign men’s underpants. They might get something hotter than they’d bargained for.

  3. According to the Ron Paul set, all security fears are overblown and this is all a lie by ” the evil state “

  4. I fear this will not end the attempts at downing an American International airliner.

    The terrorists are most likely probing the security at European airports as I type this. Sooner or later they’ll find the crack in the armour and then!!!!

    As a frequent International flyer I guess I’ll buys my ticket and takes my chances.

    When your time’s up, your time’s up.

  5. Oh this is BS.

    No target had been selected and there was no imminent threat of attack … yet the Sec of Defence trumpets a mega-victory over the forces of eeeeevil.

    Had the evil-doer transformed his underpants into Underpants of Doom? Had he even bought them yet? This is just total bullshit.

  6. I tend towards Pete’s view on this matter. This all seems very flimsy – No arrests, No known target, No actual physical attempt disrupted.

  7. Super Underpants? What did Clarke Kent lose his laundry again?

    I ask you. If we comprehensively saturation nuked certain ME areas, would anyone really honestly miss them? Think about that AQ.

  8. I despair. Almost.

    Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that such acts are political. They’re driven by religious mania. You know the old expression, “There’s one born every minute”? It’s very apt here.

    Why? Because somewhere in the Islamic world, within 60 seconds of your reading this sentence, a child will be born. If it’s male it will enter a madhouse madrasah and be force-fed Paleolithic garbage for a number of years. If he—and us—is unfortunate, it’ll be the only schooling he’ll ever have.

    He’ll be taught that martyrdom is the highest honour he can aspire to. And that he’ll go straight to paradise without passing Go. His own mother may even celebrate if he blows himself up and takes scores of infidels, though innocent of any crime, with him.

    I see but one way to combat this insanity. We in the enlightened world must show example. We must cease rabbiting on about a paradise that doesn’t exist. Nobody has ever returned from such a mythical place, and no one can provide evidence of communication from the “other side”.

    So believe what you wish, but please, keep it to yourself. The more the bellicose Muslim hears about a Christian, Jewish or Scientological equivalent of his “own” heavenly abode, the more that nonsense will reinforce the fantasy he’s been inculcated with.

    We must simply take it as a given that this terrestrial existence is all any one of us is going to have. Once we do that, we can start making this life a better one for every mother’s son.

    Thus concludes Reverend Richard’s sermon for today. Please note that we accept all major credit cards 🙂

  9. The founding fathers never said anything about airport security, so the govt needs to get right out of it. It should be left to the low bid vendors to Spirit Airlines and Ryanair from now on.

    By jove, I think I understand these breugags now.

  10. Many women will no doubt be familiar with this “Man reveals pants package – less explosive than originally predicted” story 😉

  11. Cheers to western and Saudi intelligence for infiltrating this group. This is exactly what I want them to be doing.

    Allan, time to make up a spin on this. Chop chop, time’s wasting.

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