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Greek elections are like buses. If you miss one, don’t worry, another one will be along shortly. The truth is that Greece is in chaos. Just days after the General Election, it looks like they may need to have a NEW General Election since no one can agree to form a Government. The so-called “right wing” Party, Pasok, has failed to form a working majority and so today the left wingers have a go. Inevitably they too will fail and so it will be back to the polls! Most entertaining of all is the demands from the EU and Germany in particular that whoever forms the next Greek government honours the austerity pledges made by the outgoing one. However 75% of those who voted outrightly reject that idea so where does it all go to from here? Greece will leave the Eurozone, sooner rather than later. It has absorbed HUGE loans to keep it within that Union but the price is too high and the very notion of democracy itself now seems in the balance. A modern Greek tragedy.

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  1. Ah, it’s refreshing to know the Irish aren’t the only 3rd world peasants in fortress Europa!

  2. Very obvious now that the EU is run by and for the benefit of the White Mice…er sorry ‘Jairmans’.

    Expect many Greek Elections until they get the ‘right’ result.

    And in the birthplace of democracy to. What an utter travesty.

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