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Cardinal Sean Brady has apologised to a victim of a paedophile priest

He is out of touch and out of time;

Cardinal Sean Brady last night admitted he was wrong when he failed to tell parents that their children were being abused by Fr Brendan Smyth. The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland also apologised to a victim of the notorious paedophile priest.Brendan Boland was among those targeted by the predatory sex attacker in 1975. Dr Brady also insisted he would not resign despite growing calls for him to do so, many from within the church.

He should show a modicum of humility and go now. The pain caused by Paedo Priests has been horrendous and whilst I fully understand and even accept that Cardinal Brady did what he thought was right AT THE TIME, surely he can see that the right thing to do at this time is to step down? In God’s name, go.

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  1. so, is that him admitting he’s broken the law of the land. Have the PSNI been to see him yet?

  2. It could be a very technical case largely because of one line in the law. It becomes a question not over whether or not he did something but whether or not informing one’s superiors and having expectations for them to act is a reasonable excuse for not telling the police.

    Additionally the PSNI can’t just pop round to see him. John Larkin would have to personally begin the proceedings and he may just have too many enemies at this moment in time to try and send the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland to prison for up to 10 years.

  3. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s rather ironic that the PSNI are investigating Brady on this charge. If failure to inform the civil authorities of some in-house crime that comes to your attention, and reporting it just to your colleagues or superiors, is a criminal offence to be punished by jail, then half the PSNI would be behind bars.

    I also believe they should all be made answerable to the law, and I really think those who don’t also call for jail for, say, every soldier or policeman who fails to blow the whistle on crime within the ranks – and that includes most people who comment here – should shut up about members of another hierarchial and closed organisation that they may not support as much as “our troops”.

    For every one solider who came out with stories of dirty dealings in Iraq, Afghanistan or NI there must be a hundred comrades who failed to report the same outside their organisation.

    Into jail with all of them?

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