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Philip Tweedie, Maurice Bradley, Graeme McDowell, Arlene Foster and Darren Clarke

When the Northern Ireland Executive crowed that the Irish Open was coming to Portrush, there was universal joy in the media. However one small voice warned that this could lead to financial trouble. Mine. You see the history of this event has proven to be a financial disaster in recent years and those who had hosted it in the Irish Republic were very glad to see it move North. One of their big problems lay in getting sponsorship. Today we discover…

It has emerged that golf’s Irish Open at Royal Portrush still has not managed to attract a principal sponsor from the private sector for the tournament. It gets under way in just six weeks time. The European Tour, which organises the event, said while it does not yet have a lead sponsor, it has had considerable financial support from the executive.

In other words, the taxpayer. I warned that this would be a financial trap and so it is proving. Still, let’s hope Rory does well.

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5 thoughts on “HOLE IN ONE

  1. So the State is looting the working man to pay multi-millionaire golfers to turn up for a couple of days.

    You know, there are people out there who actually think the State protects the ‘umble poor against “the rich”. Don’t make me laugh. Everywhere you look, the State is redistributing up from people who are worried sick about how they’ll pay the bills.

  2. wasnt supporting a major golf championship one of the ludicrous pledges in the ‘programme for Government’?
    That ‘success’ will be in all the manifestos next time, along with free bus passes and free prescriptions. .

  3. Does anyone know about how much it would cost to be the principal sponsor of this event?

  4. Shamefully, neither the relevant minister Arlene Foster (see picture) nor the European Golf Tour were available for comment this morning when this story ran on Good Morning Ulster.

  5. Why didn’t they line up a principal sponsor before announcing the forthcoming event? That’s rank incompetence.

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