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The very fact that this is a story at all should bring shame on every conniving gutless UK politician;

Europe’s human rights judges will meet today to consider whether Jordanian terror suspect Abu Qatada’s appeal over deportation should be allowed to go ahead. A panel of five judges will hold talks on whether the case should be heard by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.

Qatada’s appeal, lodged on April 17, prompted a row with Home Secretary Theresa May over whether the three-month appeal deadline from the court’s original decision on January 17 expired on the night of April 16 or 17. But it will remain unclear whether Mrs May was right to say that Qatada’s appeal was made too late as the judges are likely to simply say whether or not the appeal against deportation can go ahead. The panel may not reach their final decision today and, even if they do, they may not announce it until later, a spokesman for the court said.

Pretty clear where the real power lies, isn’t it? Not in our Sovereign Parliament but rather in Strasbourg, where unelected and legally unqualified political appointees  masquerading as Judges determine who can stay here and who we can deport.

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  1. Absolutely agree with you David. The Prime Minister and Home Secretary should stand up in the House of Commons and say “The prime responsibility of any British Government is to ensure the safety and security of this country. It is our responsibility and nobody elses. We have today deported Abu Qatada for precisely those reasons and we will no longer seek the permission of any authority outside the United Kingdom with respect to any decisions we make regarding national security”

  2. Nice try Colm, but that will not happen with Happy Clapper Cameron in charge, he’s left of centre and an EU enthusiast.

    We’ll never see a referendum, we just have to hope beyond hope that the EU collapses under its own stupidity.

  3. Colm –

    The PM and Home Secretary could do that in law. They actually can – in law – ignore the ECHR and send Qatada packing.

    Instead, we have a circus which drags on for years. There’s a reason why we have this circus. It is a conscious choice to allow it to happen.

  4. 27 Countries signed on with the EEC (European Economic Community) believing it would remain a simple organisation which would redistribute money from the richer countries into the pockets of the less affluent ones. Once the insideous, addictive drug was introduced into the veins of the puny backward domains the die was cast.. Rules, laws, edicts, etc. were penned and accepted by the little fish in a big pond because they feared the loss of financial handouts. Now the Eurocrats had the addicts right where they wanted them. There was no turning back once the Euro was introduced the hook was firmly planted.

    Despite rejecting the Euro currency, the United Kingdom became a political puppet of the Brussels dark side. Now the souls have been sold to the devil the real truth can be told. The “Fourth Reich” is almost complete. German domination of the European Union is evident and all that blood, which was spilt between 1939 and 1945, could have been avoided because the game will end as planned many decades ago.

    No Sres, unfortunately the European Union will not collapse. It may falter and hit a few bumps in the near future, but it will survive. However, it will look a lot different and it will not be a European Union ruled entirely by the Germans. The European Union will become a partnered with the second coming of the USSR and the United Kingdom of Obama. In a sense; “The Final Solution”.

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