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They say the prophet is never accepted in his homeland, which would be what Ron Paul might say about Texas.  However, he isn’t from Texas, but rather Pennsylvania, a state which most readers of this blog know is the origin of some of Americas most self-righteous nutcases.   That being said, he has been in Texas long enough to call the Lone Star State home.   If he can’t carry Texas what does it mean?   Lets just say his neighbors know him.     

The news that Ron Paul will suspend his campaign in the remaining primary states (like Texas where his Congressional seat is located)  was slow but sure in coming.  But he needs to give his disciples an excuse as to why he would lose the state of his Congressional seat to a Yankee like Romney.   So he’s dropping out of spending money on the primary campaign and concentrating on the caucus states to drum up enough delegates in influence the campaign.  Lots of luck.  Not since the Van Trapp Children sang “So Long, Farewell”  have I enjoyed such a goodbye performance.   Reality will sink in soon, even among the delusional.  The Doctor is not in.

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47 thoughts on “You’re Not From Texas – Ron Paul’s Hello I Must Be Going

  1. Pennsylvania, a state which most readers of this blog know is the origin of some of Americas most self-righteous nutcases

    are you trying to infer something…?

  2. Troll – I was referring to Santorum, Biden and anyone who has ever played for the Eagles. Who else could I have intended……

  3. Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
    And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.
    They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em
    Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

  4. Allan I put up with a lot of your stuff, but please explain the reason why you put up this video.

    It is offensive, it comes from a known kook, and has absolutely nothing to do with Ron Paul bailing out.

    Except to show why the rest of the right is disgusted by the Loony DR and the freaks, animals, skin heads, and truthers like YOU he attracts, and why except for delegates he has scammed into his pocket he couldn’t win a single state.

  5. Quite simple Troll: that IS the reality of what the US is becoming. The US is not about The Eagles, mom’s apple pie, hand-on-heart for the National Anthem and any of that sentimental BS. In the US, police (at least eight of them) will beat a defenceless man to death – and they weren’t even following orders.

    However, what is most noteworthy is that you deny it which is why it will happen again. This happened and was embedded into a video because the root video was ‘removed’ (probably infringing police copyright on real snuff films). However, the ‘patriot’ Troll says that it didn’t happen because “it comes from a known kook” – a ‘kook’ like Ron Paul.

    Under President Ron Paul, the perpetrators of this murder would have been jailed and the case made public. Under President Obama/Romney, a cover-up ensued which is only revealed because the victim’s father is a former police officer who “hates what the police have become”. I guess that he must be a ‘kook’ too.

  6. “It comes from a known kook” – wtf?

    Troll –

    The State loves people like you. You swallow the false talking points, you believe the myths, you stand in the imaginary battle lines drawn for you. And when a gang of thugs with a government badge beat a man to death, you blame the messenger.

    The State loves people like you because it’s people like you, ultimately, who love and worship the State.

  7. No your both wrong, First I’ll address Allan then Pete.

    As to your video I did NOT say it did not happen I said it has no place on this thread. Yes Police brutality does happen, you know what else happens, Cops get killed everyday stopping some druggie or other violent animal from doing harm to the innocent, and that happens 1000 times more often than brutality. Don’t feed me this bullshit that Cops are the Brown shirts of the Government FUCK YOU. It’s my families business. You have no clue about what you implying. And the cops themselves gladly offer assholes amongst themselves that do what you posted up to the courts to be prosecuted. I’ve seen them do it.

    Alex Jones is a kook that’s where that video comes from. The corner stone of the mans career is built on 9-11 being an inside job so BULLSHIT. Yes he has also brought forth and pointed out some real things, good kooks always mix truth with their fiction, I have even on this site agreed with some of his stuff, but he’s a kook.

    Your the one’s standing in imaginary battle lines and if either of you were American you would be part of the Lunatic Fringe.

    Now to both of you, Ron Paul is fraud and a loser. Face it, get over it. He has taken money and support from Skin heads, birthers, truthers, and other assorted NUTS. He makes sure that his district that he represents gets more Government money than any other district in the country, while at the same time bragging that he voted against the very money he arranged for. Idiots and fools eat it up. He is a career Politician and has served way to long.

    He appeals to no one except the fringe and the gullible, his 3 Presidential runs have proven that NO ONE WANTS HIS LUNACY IN COMMAND.

    I like you both, I consider both of you my friends, and I have proven over the years that I stand by my friends, but that video being posted on this thread is an offense to me and to sensibility. and if you can’t see it, and you don’t like me saying it, you can both go to hell.

    Now I’ve spoken my piece, I won’t repeat it. Romney is not my choice either, however he is the person who is running against Obama. I will support him, I will also work from inside the party to get the country back on a constitutional course. It took 100yrs for it to be pushed to where it is. It won’t take that long to steer it back.

    Neither of you vote in, or contribute to my country, if you want to help move here and pitch in.

  8. Pete

    You will begin to have wisdom when you abandon the construct of ” the state ” in analyzing all things and of seeing ” the state ” as a font of pure evil and zero good.

    This makes about as much sense as saying that fire is evil because it sometimes burns people or that water is evil because.people can drown in it.

  9. Troll –

    The video comes from CCTV. It does not “come from Alex Jones”. He’s just using footage which is freely available. It comes from a CCTV camera at the scene.

    But you’re chucking all that up in the air because you don’t want to confront reality. You find comfort in your myths about the constitution, apple pie, mom, white picket fences and “freedom and liberty”. Well that country doesn’t exist.

    Not that you cling to principles when push comes to shove. All your talk about the consitution and small government and liberty was revealed as weapons-grade bullshit when you came out in support of the president being able to have anyone, anywhere murdered at his whim. This on top of your support for the government to have anyone detained anywhere, indefinitely, without charge or any due process.

    You’re a typical Republican, Troll. You know all the talk, but you always come down on the side of the government, as with that video. A patriot and man of liberty would be incensed, burning with rage that an American can be beaten to death by government agents on the streets of America. Instead, you’re outraged that someone would reveal the crime.

    That, old son, is the reaction of a collectivist stooge and bullshitter.

  10. The police do more good than harm but there is a problem with those of them who are brutal and corrupt not facing any consequences.

    The police benefit from political cover from both the public sector coddling left* and the law and order right and seldom suffer the consequences if they break the law.

    The case Allan linked to is a partial exception as they are being charged (although for far less than any non law enforcement officer would be).

    Radley Balko’s blog is a good source for a round up of law enforcement excesses in the US (unlike Alex Jones he isn’t a conspiracy theorist and charlatan).

    * The Occupy nutjobs were rightly outraged when a Californian police officer pepper sprayed a bunch of protesters who were sitting peacefully, yet the officer is still in his job, because of the Union protections that Occupy are seeking to entrench.

  11. The case Allan linked to is a partial exception as they are being charged (although for far less than any non law enforcement officer would be).

    Ross – the only reason why that snuff squad was charged was that the father of the murder victim is a former police officer. Note that of all eight/nine perps, not one attempted to halt or limit the assault. What kind of goons are in the police nowadays?

  12. Police misconduct is always going to be an issue in a 300 million population. To suggest that it is the norm is of course as absurd as most of the stuff put foward by the Allan/Pete Conspiracy Complex.

    In any event, Ron Paul is still not contesting the primaries, even in his home state. Delicious!

  13. Here is a classic case which will split the believers (Troll, mahons, phantom and others) from the realists (Allan, Pete, and anybody else who can think for him/herself):

    TSA Agents Conduct ‘Full Monty’ Pat-Down On Henry Kissinger

    – Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger got searched by a Transportation Security Administration employee while going through a security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport in New York Friday, The Washington Post reports.

    Kissinger, who was in a wheelchair, was told by a TSA agent that he needed to be searched.

    “He stood with his suit jacket off, and he was wearing suspenders,” freelance reporter Matthew Cole told the Post. “They gave him the full pat-down. None of the agents seemed to know who he was.” Cole added that Kissinger was given “the full Monty” search. –

    So, a known, worldwide terrorist responsible for developing and implementing policies of mass destruction is allowed by the TSA to board a passenger plane. Apart from the well-earned poison of the description, this shows that even the highest and mightiest are roughed by the TSA – but that would be wrong. Henry Kissinger always travels privately: this was a show.

  14. I told you- you apply the same general procedure to all

    If they had not searched HK you would have whined about that too.

    I will pass through Miami Airport tomorrow. I hope they have proper security there too.

    Don’t you whingers have any real problems to worry about?

    BTW I want your review of the Ron Paul Trekkie video. Wasn’t it the bestest?

  15. “So, a known, worldwide terrorist responsible for developing and implementing policies of mass destruction is allowed by the TSA to board a passenger plane.”

    Hee hee …

    This is such a blatant fraud. Anyone who thinks that Kissinger queues up at check-in, and goes through security to be assaulted with the rest of the plebs, has lost a few brain cells.

  16. So Kissinger was not at the airport, or it was a show because clearly he has nothing better to do that to participate in some demonstration? You’ve lost your minds. Completely.

  17. Mahons – do you really believe that Kissinger, Soros or the kingpins such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds actually go through passenger controls anywhere near the masses? You no longer have a mind to lose, if you ever had one to begin with.

  18. The very well known rich can bypass the groundlings through various programs at commercial airports. The rich are different from you and I (they have more money). It was ever thus.

    There are expedited security lines and lesser check points (the idea being frequent well known flyers present less of a threat). I don’t know if Old Hank was in one of these areas or not when he got his pat down.

    The story of course has nothing to do with Ron Paul turning French and surrendering before the battle is over.

  19. I access the so called Elite security lines when flying United. This basically means that you wait in line for a shorter time. The security procedure itself is identical as the one that other passengers go through.

    Programs like this http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/trusted_traveler/ are different- and make sense to me.

    At some private airports, it is possible that some fancy pants travelers go through less security. I don’t know.

    mahons – we are arguing with batshit crazy people. I’m not playing this game much longer.

  20. Phantom – Just as there are two lines for security at airports-one for the rich and one for the rest, maybe ATW needs two threads for comments. On one thread the insane can rage against the machine, jews, minorities, immigrants etc, on the other thread the rest of us can go back to discussing the issues of the day.

  21. My fear is that sustained argument with crazies at best wastes huge blocks of time, and at worst lead you down the caverns of madness right there with them.

    It’s not good.

  22. I access the so called Elite security lines when flying United.

    Oh dear – the gulf increases daily.

    Henry Kissinger, Soros, Rockefellers, Rothschilds do NOT fly United or BA or Lufthansa etc. They have their own aircraft, security personnel and arrangements and they wouldn’t be seen near any of you. We’re not talking here about millionaires or pop stars but about the world’s power brokers. Kissinger is one of them and he did this stunt to show the unthinking masses (that’s you, phantom) that even the ‘great’ can be searched by the TSA just as a head of steam is developing against their ‘fondlings’. Noteworthy is that “none of the agents knew who he (Kissinger) was”. That’s because only the pig-ignorant work for the TSA and the other agencies of state oppression.

  23. “That’s because only the pig-ignorant work for the TSA and the other agencies of state oppression.”

    It’s a fair point.

    The State and its drones tell us that a sexual assault is the considered and necessary thing to avoid sitting next to Abdul Kaboom on a plane. Then they employ people not bright enough to recognise Kissinger to do it.

  24. Crazy is as crazy does. It is sad to watch. Only in the sad conspiracy-baked minds do these ideas stir.

  25. //the other agencies of state oppression//

    //tell us that a sexual assault is the considered and necessary thing //

    If you use those words for these situations, what would you use if there ever was real state oppression or if you ever encountered a real rape?

    Can you imagine what someone who experienced oppression, e.g. in E Europe until relatively recently, or who was really raped would think of you and your sensitivities if they read these comments?

  26. ” .. or who was really raped would think of you and your sensitivities if they read these comments?”

    If I did to your wife what TSA agents do to travellers, you’d regard it as a sexual assault.

  27. Pete

    Then no doubt you also think doctors spend all day sexually assaulting patients too.

  28. Pete
    how dare you attack me.

    First off the video header said Alex Jones but that doesn’t matter. Police brutality does happen, it is the very rare exception. My whole family has been cops for over 100yrs so you can kiss it. The video was inappropriate for this post.

    Second how dare you and Allan condemn me. Your not even American, I AM, and I work to get good people elected I knock on doors and work the polls, and serve as a committeeman. What the hell do you do?

    I’m a republican because that is the only party a constitutionalist has a chance of getting someone in that has even read the thing.

    Ron Paul is an ASSHOLE and a Fraud. He is a money grubbing freeloader living on the tax payers backs for 30 years. In that time he has gotten less than 5 bills passed.

    That is the record of a do nothing politician, all he has ever accomplished was to get BILLIONS of taxpayer money funneled to friends in his district. He is backed by the hate group fringe in American politics.

    If you want to associate with that Fine., but if your want him to be President of the United States so bad MOVE HERE, become a citizen and work for him, along with the neo-nazi’s truthers, birthers, and other side show freaks that man his campaigns.

    You two strut around like you know, your an outsider without a clue, you don’t know better or more than the AMERICAN PUBLIC that REFUSE to vote for the tin foil hat asshole, we’re here your not.

  29. and 3 times he has ran and three times he has been laughed off the stage, That’s your idol

  30. The video was inappropriate for this post.

    Troll – I apologise. I should have put the video of an unarmed defenceless American being murdered by a gang of policemen on one of your Fast ‘n’ Furious threads. Remind me though: what was FnF about? Something to do with one government agency buying guns from legal suppliers and giving them to Mexican drug gangs to then cause mayhem across the unguarded US-Mexico border whilst the US Army is in Afghanistan protecting opium crops in the name of American ‘security’ – all in order to provide a case for the government (i.e. Rep/Dem) to disarm American civilians. Yes – that’s it, isn’t it.

    Start joining the dots, Troll.

  31. Troll –

    I’ll attack you for as long as you try to hoodwink me with your socialist Republican bullshit. You’re still coming out with it, still talking about the constitution. Where does it authorise the president to have anyone murdered or abducted? It doesn’t, but you think it’s great that he’s given himself those powers.

    Look, argue for and support those things, but don’t then talk about small government and all th rest of it. You don’t believe it, you don’t walk the walk, each time you have a real choice you choose mega-government over liberty and civil society. You’re doing it yet again with you criticism of Ron Paul, but then the real deal always makes the fakers and bullshitters uncomfortable.

    A bit of straight talk might be upsetting to a delicate flower like you. So what, don’t try and bullshit me.

    Romney attacked Ron Paul last week by saying that he won’t be cutting spending. Did you know that? Did you know that Romney will not cut spending? You want that? Of course you do. Mega-deficits and mega-spending is fine with a socialist like you as long as the spending is going on things you approve of, likpe killing foreigners and communist space programmes.

    Well if that’s what turns on the GOP nowadays, no wonder your country is in shit state.

  32. for someone who claims to know my countries constitution.. please show me where in it it says the President controls the spending?

    Now when you have an illegal Congress that has refused to follow the law and pass a budget which has happened the last 4 years, yeah he might get away with it.

    But you show me Mr American Constitution who the Constitution says controls spending

  33. Allan

    How many times have you traveled by air over the past 3-5 years?

    When was the last time you traveled by air to the USA?

  34. Phantom – I travel regularly within the UK and to Europe. Last time to US was April 2011 (Washington DC).

  35. Have you been mistreated by the TSA ot by the UK or other nation aecurity people?

    Do you notice a material difference in security processes in these nations?

    I dure don’t

  36. Mahons-

    Try giving an opinion of your own instead of policing everyone else.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Patty’s gone because of you digging her out constantly. Your prissy attitude wears thin.

  37. Pete

    Patty is not gone. She has personal circumstances which are consuming her time but I will leave it with her to let you know if she feels inclined. Might be nice for those who know her to drop her a thinking of you mail. That is all.

  38. Have you been mistreated by the TSA ot by the UK or other nation aecurity people?

    At Schiphol, I had to pass through the radiation unit (noting that the underwear bomber didn’t) and then an endless queue at Washington. On the way back, nothing to report – nobody getting on without checks, I saw nothing, and said nothing.

    On that matter, if anyone sees any strange events such as somebody being escorted onto an aircraft without going through checks, should the advice of the security sector – “see something, say something” – be followed.

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