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The nationalist tyrants in devolved Governments show their true fascist colours….this time by increasing the minimum price of alcohol. For our own good, naturally.

“The Scottish Government has announced it wants to set a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol. The measure is predicted to save 500 lives a year, and will see the price of a standard bottle of wine at 12.5% volume set at a minimum of £4.69 in Scotland, compared to £2.99 for the cheapest bottle of plonk in England. The proposals raise the prospect of cross-border booze raids from Scots who wish to avoid paying up to two and a half times the current price of alcohol. The price of a can of strong cider will rise from 45p to at least £1.17 under the planned changes.”

I would be interested to understand the scientific basis for the “save 500 lives a year” claim. This is just blatant Nanny Statism, although if my information is correct, Buckfast, that drink de jour for the drinking class, will not be effected. It’s enough to drive you to drink. That said, I expect all off-licenses along the border should see a boom in business as we see the booze cruise to England! Hoots mon, but Salmond and his tyrannical crew really haven’t thought this one through. They sh

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4 thoughts on “IT’S (NOT) HAPPY HOUR AGAIN…

  1. I would be interested to understand the scientific basis for the “save 500 lives a year” claim.

    Yet more tractor stats, and tin-foil hattery.

  2. They can’t do it, because it’s illegal. EU law and all that, which the Jock government is quite keen on. So it won’t happen.

  3. Yup, here in Ireland our “altruistic” government is set to follow Scotland.

    By increasing the minimum price it’ll just mean the sots will have to rip off the off-license section of Tesco more often.

    Currently, in the “Republic” booze goes out the doors of Dunnes, Tesco and Super Valu faster than fleas jumping off a dog sprayed with Kerosene. And that’s the stuff that’s paid for.

    As for the freebee shoppers, the shrivelled liver, rum-bums make off with enough spirits to keep the entire Aer Lingus fleet perpetually fuelled.

    And, as usual, the store security people don’t have the authority to “touch” anyone so it’s almost a given that the thieves will make a clean get-away.

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