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I see that the apostles of the apocalypse are now warning, in Science magazine, that the earth’s fish stocks face complete wipe out by 2050 if trends in overfishing and pollution continue.  Naturally UK politicians have seized on this as way to further decimate our fishing industry.

Amazing, isn’t it, that whilst the oceans and rivers of this planet have managed to thrive for eons, all of a sudden over the past thirty years, as a section of the scientific community becomes increasingly hysterical, heady on the fumes of governmental largesse, we are now informed they can’t last even another forty years. Absolute tosh!

It strikes me that “Scientists” have become the new Priesthood of Global Warming – forecasting future events with the same arrogance and lack of sense. My suspicion is that global fish stocks will long outlast the apostles of the apocalypse even as they do their best to return this society to the stone age

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25 thoughts on “HAVE FISH HAD THEIR CHIPS?

  1. I think there’s something fishy about your faith in the resourcefulness of nature throughout the ages, especailly when it is your Sole argument for the survival of the fieshies. While some of the global warming fears are all a cod, I think it is not out of plaice for scientists to express their concerns.

  2. I think you’re disagreeing just for the halibut now.

    Classic comment on BBC have your say:

    "So, the planet is over-heating, there is no fish, we are all being watched and the 3rd world is moving to the UK.

    Apart from that , what would you all like for Christmas ?

    Jackie Scott, London, United Kingdom "

  3. Most fisheries in the world have been over-fished for decades. There are no cod off cape cod and the great Newfoundland fishery collapsed because politicians ignored the scientists for decades. The same thing is now happening in western Europe where the common fisheries policy of the EU has been a disaster for stock levvels.

    Blame the cowardly politicians, don’t shoot the scientifiic messengers.

  4. Here, for a change, is a subject we can do something about – but we MUST get rid of the Common Fisheries Policy of the EU which, as Peter says, has been a disaster.Let us learn from those who have been successful in their fisheries policies. How about Iceland for a start.

  5. Peter

    There may well be a problem with over-fishing but the point is we can’t possibly live our lives on the basis of allegedly scientific scares on every subject.

    Science will be the loser and cynicism will be the winner.

    If Scientist think they need to exaggerate to be heard they will end up with the credibility of the men with the "End is nigh" placards. Those guys were only trying to highlight a biblical message but the failure of the world to end made them a joke.

  6. If I could be indulged to trout out a tired analogy re Nevil Chamberlin, David’s blind eye to something as obvious as depleted fish stocks such as cod stocks off Newfoundland down to thousands from 10s of millions and man enhanced global warming is as intelligent as the former British PM not being able to see Hitler for what he was. David is appeasing the flatworlders that think everything is in God’s hands so there’s no need for man to have such worries.

    As for how could the fish stocks be decimated now compared to say, the time of Christ, Jesus didn’t have Soviet Factory Ships

  7. It is amazing how the BBC managed to broadcast a report on over-fishing in the North Sea wothout mentioning the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy? A bit like reporting WW2 without mentioning Hitler.

  8. ditto. well said peter @ 09:48.

    take it from a keen sea angler. our waters are in a bad shape. not a disaster, but not good.

  9. Is there ANY environmental or conservationist warnings that are acepted by the right? It is clear that we face a crisis regaring the world’s fisheries. Long Island Sound was for centuries a source of a great fishing economy. It is essentially over. The issue is quite serious and the warnigns are not of the Chicken Little variety.

  10. "There may well be a problem with over-fishing but the point is we can’t possibly live our lives on the basis of allegedly scientific scares on every subject."

    Much better to live it based on wishful thinking, ignorance and superstition instead, eh?

  11. In prior ages, the human demand for fish was not as great as it is now, and fisherman didn’t have anything the fishfinding and other gear that they do to reach deep into the Anctartic and anywhere else.

    My gut tells me that this problem is very real. I will try not to eat any cod or other endangered fish for the next few years.

  12. "take it from a keen sea angler. our waters are in a bad shape. not a disaster, but not good."

    Didn’t think it would happen but I agree with DT and also The Phantom. With all the modern fishing equipment and factory ships of course the sea is being depleted. It is mind blowingly obvious.

  13. <i>My gut tells me that I need cod, right now! Mmmmmm</i>

    thats the root cause right there. some people are unwilling to change their way of life one iota. im alright jack. screw the next generations.

    fish stocks can recover very quickly is given the oppurtunity. but a narrowminded/short-sighted industry and an unbending market will never let this happen. i know many sport anglers who would happily put their rods to the side for a few years just to help things improve for the future.

  14. DT: I recall a recent Homeland Security failure in which you were in Florida for a number of weeks recently? Have any seafood or was it a pure granola diet? You’ve got to take a lighter approach because you can’t convince anyone merely by berating them.

    David: As my mother might say you are incorrigible on this issue. I laughed so hard at your second seafood course that I dropped my tuna sandwich.

  15. love the sport, but rarely eat fish. im stricly a catch and release angler.

    as for not berating anybody, ATW exists solely on a diet of it.

  16. DT – rarely is not good enough. Think of future generations to whom clam chowder might as well be unicron chowder. Cease and desist!!
    BTW didn’t mean to say that berating was a bad thing, just that it doesn’t always serve as a persuasive means.

  17. The story of the collapse of the Newfoundland cod fishery is a warning to us all. When the Cabots landed there in the 16th century the cod were two feet long and could be caught by hand. In the late 20th century factory ships made huge inroads into the stock. The scientists warned and warned and were ignored by politicians in hock to the fishing industry. Now the cod have gone completely and may well never recover. Needless to say, the Newfoundland fishing industry has also disappeared.

    As to why there is over-fishing, let’s remember that the human population of the world has doubled from three billion to six billion in the past 50 years and is expected to reach eight billion by 2050. That, and factory fishing will lead to the extinction of fish in the wild unless something is done soon.

    As to the EU fisheries policy, it should be scrapped and each country should regain control over their territorial waters. The so-called quotas are widely ignored and will never solve the problem. Iceland provides a good model of a nation-state in control of its fish stocks and able to ensure that the take is sustainable. If the EU cannot or will not repatriate control of fisheries to the member states then the UK should withdraw from the EU. That’s how strongly I feel about this.

  18. Smcgiff: Free Range Chicken of the Sea. Now I must go down to the videostore and purchase a copy of Eating Nemo for my niece and nephew.

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