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The Home Secretary was heckled by police trade unionists this afternoon. For once I’m on the side of the politician. For decades now the police have been against us, the British people, who are looted to make them the best paid of state agents. For decades they’ve been happy to enforce the merciless dictates of the politially correct state on us, hide behind bushes with radar guns to catch an unsuspecting motorist straying over the speed limit, arrest Christians for handing out Christian literature, arrest homeowners for defending themselves and their families against invaders and even arrest someone for calling a police horse “gay”.

They’ve been happy to disappear off of our streets and into police cars and helicopters, all the better to arrive somewhere after a crime has been committed. They’ve been happy to retreat from civil society and become a strange, distant force which reappears occasionally as paramilitaries during a London protest. What they’ve long ceased to be are British police officers, of British society and both accountable and subservient to us.

When millions of Londoners prayed for help last August as the city burned in dozens of locations, they were abandoned. As homes, business and cars were torched the police stayed hidden and kept their own fat arses safe. This is what we get for decades of government hosing the police down with more and more of our money.

So screw them. Screw every last, fat, doughnut-munching, tax-feeding one of them. Screw them and their salaries and their pensions and all the other perks they get only by the sweat of the productive class. If the police were disbanded tonight most of us wouldn’t notice, except that our tax monkey would be a little less heavy. The country’s bust, the economy’s knackered, the good times are over, and they can’t accept modest changes to the most generous of terms, demanding that we’re looted as heavily as ever. Well screw the lot of’em.

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  1. I still love England ..

    ” Keep calm, keep whinging, carry on, and have a cup of tea “

  2. The police are notorious for their Spanish practices, which have only been partly reformed. And until recently many of them could retire at 50. The police pensions bill exceeds the police operations bill in several police authorities. They need to get with the real world. The taxpayers do not owe them massive overtime and all the rest of the perks.

    Oh, and their almost total immunity from prosecution when suspects die in custody is a festering scandal. A couple of years back, one of them was caught on video-tape assaulting a woman. He was suspended on full pay, convicted in court, and is now happily back at work.

  3. The Home Secretary was heckled by police trade unionists

    So many State thugs Police .. and so little time?

    Just, tazer the useless bitch, and be done with it, and for once in your State expendable useless lives, be done with it, just once, just this one time, stand up, be counted, and actualy, do something useful 😉

    Or.. is it just too much to ask?

    Ms May, Jackboots Marxist, the useful idiot drone MK II …’Fings aint what they used to be, no, precisely, and they ain’t getting any better .. are they?

    Ms May, Jacqui Smith’s expenses fiddler to the tune of £100,-000k +.. Blind Blunkett, the Socialist,, whoever, theese numpties are ‘chosen’ because they are ‘Numpties’ nothing more. or nothing less.

  4. Catching motorists exceeding the speed limit by a few mph on quiet country roads.. sad.

    Giving out the contact details of people who have come forward with information..irresponsible and inexcusable.

    Abusing innocent people who get in their way and using unnecessarily heavy handed tactics..contemptible.

    But just as bad is a sentencing system which talks about a life sentence, but really means 7-8 years. A sentencing system which does not reflect the gravity of the offence committed.

    So it seems the police take the easy options and the judges treat the victims of crime with contempt.

  5. The police do not control the sentance that a convicted criminal receives.

    And my experience, in NY and through the US, is that the police are the good guys.

    Pete thinks that the British police are villains. Well, this is the same guy who has said that there should not be tax funded police and fire services.

    Do consider the source. I’ll not convict your police on his word. No no no.

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