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So, what sort of mother takes her son along to the local terrorists to be shot?  This one does –– here in the sunny uplands of peace process land!

Majella O’Donnell described how she brought her son to be shot by the terror group. She said: “I had to let him go. If I had not, the consequences would have been worse. It was hard, but it had to be done.”

Strange logic. And where are the Police?

Amid growing concerns over the actions of the group, Chief Superintendent Stephen Martin said he was “disappointed” with the police success rate against RAAD and that community help would “enhance our chances of getting RAAD before the courts”. His comments come as a number of mothers told this paper how their lives have been devastated by the actions of RAAD.

The truth is that “the community” favours using paramilitary justice, always has and it seems it always will. The PSNI are an irrelevance in certain areas.

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3 thoughts on “TRIBAL JUSTICE

  1. I know that tribal rivalry will never cease, no matter what the PSNI say or do. And it’s not confined to Northern Ireland.

    However, the Irish legal system reeks of “forgiving the sinner” no matter what their crime or religious beliefs. Therefore those who feel REAL justice needs to be metted out to petty criminals and thugs do the job themselves.

    Street justice may be right or wrong depending on your opinion. However it’s here to stay.

    Maybe, just maybe, the young lads who steal, do drugs and generally commit vandalism should remember:

    “The biggest threat to your life you’ll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every morning.”

  2. David,
    I find this a difficult one.
    Drugs are a scourge that is sucking the vitality out of our young and corrupts everything it touches.
    The law is failing to address the problem effectively. More tax payers money goes on creating programmes to help addicts “cope”. To provide housing. To provide benefits because drug addicts tend to be unemployable. To provide bins for used needles, to accept that addicts commit crimes either to pay for drugs, or because of drugs.
    So where do we go?
    If we attach this to the Republican propensity to rule their communities with an iron fist, and to use the threat of violence or reprisals as a way of controlling their people;
    then yes, it is wrong.

    However, if this approach was democratically proposed as a way of dealing with the problem here on the mainland, I would vote for it.

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