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Not too many people remember that the BBC slogan is “”Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation”, and, for most of my politically-aware lifetime, I always thought the slogan was ‘Whatever Labour wants; is good!” One of the very few BBC programmes I listen to, or indeed tune into on either Radio or Television is the Today Programme.

However, when one listens to ‘Today’, your automatic ‘liberal, left-of-centre, bullshit’ filter is always set to maximum, and therefore I nearly missed this fantastic ‘Thought for the Day’ slot authored and spoken by Lord Jonathan Sacks, the soon-retiring Chief Rabbi.

It is not often that one hears the words which this Nation needs to hear, so I would end by simply asking the ATW readership to listen to the words, and thoughts, of a good man; at approximately 1hr 49mins 30-odd seconds of the Today Broadcast, which can be found here!

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10 thoughts on “A broadcast worthy of the slogan

  1. Good link Mike, well worth hearing.

    A concise defintion of integration and how it, and multiculturism should work. The outstanding point was the low numbers initially involved, some 100 hundred families in the instance mentioned, and their desire to integrate, rather than to dominate.

    As I have mentioned before, it is the sheer numbers involved that have ruined any chance of the current wave of immigrants integrating or being willingly accepted by a majority.

    As ever the unintended consequence of bad political decisions made by dogma ridden politicians…

  2. Excellent indeed Mike,

    All the Jews I know – apart from the ultra orthodox who stay in their own communities- have followed the principles outlined by Lord Sacks. He speaks with wisdom and dignity.
    Can you imagine what it must have been like for the German Jewish community, who also integrated as much as they could, only to find themselves demonised by Hitler’s Nazi party?
    Anyway, it is the failure of successive governments to insist on the same kind of integration for other groups who have entered our nation in recent years.
    Incidentally, my brother in law’s brother in law(!) was a navigator in the RAF during the war years. After the war he and his wife emigrated to Israel and became kibbutzniks in the Galilee. They weren’t religious, but they are Jewish.. 😉

  3. My, what a sudden outburst of tolerance on this thread.

    It’s almost like all of those comments slagging off Islam, saying that Muslims can’t integrate becuase of their religion, that they want to destroy the west and that their culture stinks, and of course that charming “Mohammad piss be upon him” saying,

    it’s like those commenters were only joking all along, and are really just looking forward to those Muslims from Pakistan moving into their area, keeping their religion and culture, as long as they somehow ..er.. integrate.

  4. Noel,

    You make it all quite clear, your bigotry prevents you from actually understanding the comments from people. You just jump right in with your preconceptions, usually highly erroneous, and with no effort to even attempt to understand. I do sometimes doubt your reading abiity.

    I am sure Agit nor myself have ever said any of the things that you suggest. As I mention above, it is more a question of quantity not quality that makes such a difference.

    A simple example that I am sure even you will understand – take a cup of freshly brewed tea, add a small dash of milk, and you have a very palatable drink, – add too much milk and the result is undrinkable. The same theory applies to immigration and integration.

    This comment of yours also shows that you would prefer to sling a bit of mud, rather than the topic of the post. At least we do show tolerance, something you rarely do.

  5. After the war he and his wife emigrated to Israel and became kibbutzniks in the Galilee.

    Nice to see that the principles of Lebensraum found a new home 🙂

  6. Allan,
    How do you do it?
    The man was born in England. He served his country during the war, and decided that he wanted to emigrate back to a UN legitimised State of Israel.
    You’re a Scottish anti semite.
    Admit it.

  7. Born in England – a semite? He’s from the Middle East, is he?

    He served his country during the war but, being jewish, he decided that his country was Israel?

    Btw, I’m anti-zionist and anti-colonialist noting that zionism means taking land belonging to others. Some jews are anti-zionist as can be seen below:


    – Zionism, and Israel are actually primarily ‘Judeo-centric’ to the bone. They are racially driven and fuelled by a particular supremacist culture that is inspired by some aspects of Talmudic Goy hating and some sporadic (and false) Old Testament (false) interpretations. But this is exactly the verdict the postcolonial scholar attempts to prevent us from reaching. It is especially embarrassing because Israelis and Zionists openly draw their inspiration and expansionist enthusiasm from Jewish culture and texts, which they interpret in a very particular self-serving manner.

    In spite of the fact that this discourse, in its current form, is pretty much, irrelevant to our understanding of Zionism and Israel, this postcolonial discourse is still, very popular amongst some anti Zionists and in particular, Jewish anti Zionists. The reason is pretty simple; it is effective in diverting attention from the real issues; it disguises the magnitude of Jewish power, Jewish politics, the inherent ‘Jewish’ nature of the ‘Jewish State’ and Jewish intellectual hegemony within the west and the Left in particular. Within the realm of the postcolonial discourse we are not even allowed to mention the ‘J word’, let alone criticise Jewish lobbying or Jewish power structures. –

  8. noting that zionism means taking land belonging to others.

    Exactly. And they are still at it, colonising the West Bank at an accelerating rate. It’s quite possible that they will soon announce the annexation of the entire West Bank, and if they do they will be cheered on by the usual suspects in this parish.

  9. Peter – the problem with crimes of the magnitude of those committed by the zionists is that they are difficult to undo and are even dangerous to undo. Most jews in what is Israel, effectively land stolen from the indigenous people of the area, were duped into moving there. As is seen from the Occupy Tel Aviv demos, the distribution of wealth in Israel is even worse than in the US: the great mass of ordinary jews really does suffer poverty in the land which they were told was heaven.

    Israel receives huge amounts of compensation (and nuclear submarines) from Germany for the suffering caused to the increasing number of survivors of the holocaust (1997 – 960,000: 2004 – 1,092,000) so why can’t Israel pay compensation to survivors of the nakba using the same principles? Israel should annex certain portions of the west bank which make Israel effectively unassailable and then, using reduced military expenditure, pay appropriate compensation to the displaced peoples.

    It won’t happen: zionism is a supremacist ideology. Some jews are beginning to realise that.

  10. Allan

    Yes, but we will be accused of being jew-haters, even holocaust deniers, for daring to criticise the zionist project.

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