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end of the woad

By ATWadmin On November 30th, 2006

“Look at Britain today and you see a blighted land, its atomised culture diluted by outside influences, its people resentful and divided. But who would blame a whipped dog for howling? The fact is, these islands are suffering from a collective trauma, harboured for two millennia.

The Roman invasion of Britain left an open wound that cries out to be healed. Our Latin conquerors benefited enormously from enslaving us, and that has got to be put right. Italy’s government must apologise and make reparations”

The First Post has put its grievances to the Italian Embassy

 ‘and asked what its government intends by way of compensation. In a pattern established over 1,500 years ago, they have not deigned to reply. Well, we warn them now: we are reaching the end of the woad’. .(..hat tip Harrys Place)

If only! And to add to this comedy I gather that in a debate on somesuch issues on equality in the Commons today an MP suggested Blair apologise to all women for what Henry VIII did to his wives. It was on the BBC earlier but I cant find the link. With that double whammy on the compensation front I would finally have made it out of the clutches of a landlord and onto the property ladder. Oh well…. Back to the ‘rollover’. *Sigh*

6 Responses to “end of the woad”

  1. Alison here’s the link


  2. Very funny. Can’t the Italins just build you some casinos like we did here in the U.S. for the Native Americans.

  3. They left us pizza what more could we ask for!

  4. Thanks Colm…

  5. Shouldn’t it be the Queen that apologises re Henry VIII on behalf of the monarchy?

    and he is her great, great, great….uncle

  6. Too funny, Alison.

    There are only certain peoples who qualify as being ‘oppressed’. European/White doesn’t cut it. I was called a ‘cracker’ the other day by a black mohammedan who, I am sure, believes that I owe him something.

    What about my Cornish ancestors?? They died in the coal mines in Colorado still owing money to the company store! My Irish ancestors? Indentured servants.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh. I want some money from SOMEbody!