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If you want to make money, go to prison. Read this..

Almost £10,000 a week in compensation has been handed out to prison officers and inmates for injuries sustained in Northern Ireland’s jails.

Protesting in the sun: prisoners on the roof of Maghaberry Prison in 2003

The majority of the cash was paid following accidents, such as a fall, or for smoke inhalation during cell fires, according to Prison Service information.

The Belfast Telegraph reveals how one inmate lodged a compensation claim for sunburn after he climbed on to a roof in Maghaberry Prison on a hot day to stage a protest. The protest occurred more than two years ago and the prisoner subsequently submitted the claim for compensation for his injuries. It is not clear, however, from the information if the claim was successful as the Prison Service said that to release details of specific claims would breach human rights under the Data Protection Act.

It is incredible that such a compensation claim could even have been considered! The prisoner should have received an even greater sentence for his lawlessness, yet here in the sunny uplands of peace process land, £10,000 a WEEK is handed out to his fellow convicts INSIDE our prisons. I suppose it sets them up nicely for when they leave prison and join the lucrative “community groups” that allow for further channelling of cash to cons. It’s what we do. You were warned.

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One thought on “CONVICTS IN THE SUN

  1. Dump the “Human Rights” bull shit and bring back the hangman’s noose.

    Better idea: Free tattoos for all prisoners.

    Knowing how much those shaven-headed, knuckle-draggers love to have their musclar bods adorned from head to toe with coloured ink injected in the form of exotic patterns they’ll all jump at the chance to avail of this free offer.

    Then use The VX nerve agent in place of the ink.All’s it takes is 10 milligrams or .000352 ounces and BINGO no more ridiculous payouts.

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