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The purpose of the Stormont Assembly is not just to institutionalise terrorism but also to institutionalise ENTITLEMENT culture. So, when the UK government seeks to ASSESS people to determine if they should be recipients of welfare largesse, expect howls of faux anger from the fools on the hill;

Angry Assembly members have warned that people who are seriously ill in receipt of incapacity benefit are being told they are fit for work. MLAs demanded changes to the central tests currently being conducted on thousands who have been on benefits for years.

Sinn Fein’s Mickey Brady said: “Mental health was assessed by asking general knowledge questions, such as who is the British Prime Minister. Someone not actively rocking in their chair is taken as an indication that they do not have a mental illness.”

Ulster Unionist Michael Copeland said: “The truth is many people are being put through a process that tells them that they and their doctors are wrong.”

The DUP’s Paula Bradshaw added: “In many of the appeals that have been overturned, that decision has been due to the extra medical evidence.”

And the SDLP’s Mark Durkan said: “People with serious debilitating conditions are being told that they are capable of work.”


This is truly risible but also entirely predictable. Those who are truly needy should get their benefit, the scroungers and the parasites should get a clip r0und the ear and be told to take a hike.

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  1. But that doesn’t answer the point that is being made that people are being told that they are fit to work when they aren’t.

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