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If you want to get ahead, have a murder conviction;

A convicted double murderer has won a legal challenge against rules which stopped him getting a licence to work as a bouncer. Eligibility criteria have been changed as a result of proceedings brought by Londonderry man Tony Doherty, a High Court judge was told. The policy amendments, approved by the Home Secretary, remove an automatic bar on him obtaining a door staff permit. Mr Justice Treacy said: “It’s a good result from the applicant’s point of view, albeit he had to wait a while.” Doherty was released in 2000 after serving time for more than 70 terrorist-related offences. They included the murders of loyalists Cecil McKnight and Gary Lynch in Derry in 1991.

Jailed for a double murder in 1991. Out nine years later. Plus 70 other terrorist offences.  Justice Treacy may see decision  this as “a good result” from Doherty’s point of view although tarnished somewhat by the fact “he had to wait a while”.

I wonder how long the next of kin of his victims have been waiting for justice, Justice Treacy?


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  1. @EDDIE- some didn’t even serve that length of sentence for commiting murder. Thanks to govt they all walked free in the name of peace and reconciliation.

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