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Today sees the Scottish Nationalist Party (Backed by the Scottish Greens and Scottish Socialists, natch) launch their campaign to detach Scotland from the UK. Yes, the race for Independence is on! In a way, I hope Scotland does vote to leave the UK, as in a few years time the sight of a bankrupt Scotland quite appeals! However I know plenty of sensible Scottish people and I would not wish this disaster upon them. Anyway, it looks like Salmond and his pals have a a lot of work to do…

An opinion poll published by Alistair Darling, the former Chancellor, showed only 33 per cent of voters in Scotland want independence and 57 per cent are opposed. In his first intervention since becoming leader of the pro-UK campaign, Mr Darling said the poll showed Alex Salmond “doesn’t speak for Scotland” and support for independence has barely shifted over the last four decades.

Not sure if we can take this poll as valid but I suppose its some sort of barometer of Scots opinion.

Mr Salmond will be joined in Edinburgh this morning by celebrities and the leaders of minor left-wing parties to formally start his bid to end the 305-year-old Union between England and Scotland. Sir Sean Connery is expected to be among the stars who will encourage the Scottish people to vote for separation in the referendum, due in autumn 2014.

That’s Bahamas based Sir Sean Connery – proud Scot but not quite so proud he would actually LIVE in Scotland!

The SNP are the pied pipers of the land of Pipers — I doubt they can succeed with their mad economic plans but it will be a laugh watching them fail and then DEMAND devo-max.

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  1. The EU which has been the main catalyst for Scottish Nationalist aspirations, is in crisis.
    Those fond hopes for European assistance in promoting the exports of Haggis, Whuskey, and Kilts are looking decidedly doubtful.
    So on what other industries can Scotland use to flex its Hibernian muscles and join the “Family of Free and Independent Nations”?
    I dunno, and I doubt the Scots do, either.

    My generation respected the contributions made to our nation by the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish. We worked together, we fought together. Yes, Paddies over here have historically had a hard time of it, Yes the Jocks have been regarded as mean, and the Welsh relationship with their sheep has been questioned, but by and large we all get along together. If you want proof take a look at London and many other cities and towns in the UK.
    It would be the act of a small minded nation to want to leave the Union which has served us all so well for so long. The sad thing is that if Scotland does leave the Union and it all goes wrong for them, they will blame the English -not themselves.. 😉

  2. The Act of Union saved the Scots from financial disaster in the form of the Darien fiasco three hundred years ago. Three years ago the Bank of Scotland was rescued by English cash,and if not for the current collapse of the Euro, the Scots would have gone for the EU and the Euro. So much for Scots canniness. Still English cash flows North across the border,essential after decades of Scots socialism and deliberate union destruction of industry.
    But where are the English MPs? Where the English independence referendum? One more good reason for a “None of the above” vote.

  3. “That’s Bahamas based Sir Sean Connery – proud Scot but not quite so proud he would actually LIVE in Scotland!”

    The climate in Scotland is worse than in Ireland, especially in the winter.

    I dwouldn’t care if my name was Robert Burns, if I had the Euro, Bucks or Sterling that 007 has I’d opt for the Bahamas where the beer is cold and the babes are hot.

    As far as Scotland, the land where men are men and sheep are nervous, I really don’t give a wee haggis if they depart the Empire.

  4. Speaking purely as an Higher rate English taxpayer (of welsh descent) I say go. Go now, go forth etc and stop your mooching off of us Jock….and take the scrounging ‘hobbling’ Welshies with you.

    I’d be heartily glad to see the back of ALL of you lot. Put up the machine gun towers, barbed wire, plant the landmines, fill up the moats with water and Piranha’s and rebuild Hadrians wall. To re-iterate. Clear off NOW!

  5. DIG , I could not agree more , it is time for an “English for Scotlands Independence” campagn . While they are at it lets encourage Welsh and N.I. indepenpence ,they too deserve to be self governing and free from Englands yoke .

  6. Totally disagree.
    The Union has been good for ALL of us, the English included. It would be ludicrous to lose ANY of our constituent parts now because some self important political windbags want to make a name for themselves.
    Keep the Welsh! Keep the Northern Irish AND the Scottish!

    You know it makes sense Rodney.. 🙂

  7. Take a look at the SNP for a moment. This party wants ‘independence’ – from Westminster where the amount of legislation affecting Scotland is less than 20% of the total. Most of what affects Scotland, the majority adversely, comes from the EU in Brussels. It is NOT a policy of the Scottish ‘Nationalist’ Party to propose to leave the EU. The SNP is beholden to Brussels and is not a nationalist party. The entire question is a diversion from the real matter and that is the growing power of the EU over all components of the United Kingdom AND The Republic of Ireland.

  8. Yeah,
    I could go for tsome of that, Allan. But Alex Salmond is a conniving pompous aider and abbetor.
    The break up of the Union is in none of our best interests.

  9. It is too bad as the connection seems to be such an advantage for Scotland, especially with the degree of Scottish identity already established. Whatever the folks wish, but as Ed Koch once said when voted out of office “The People have spoken, now they must be punished.”

  10. If Scotland leaves the UK and not the EU, nothing really changes. In fact, it would be much easier for the EU to attempt to acquire common sovereignty over the oil in the North Sea in a similar way as has been done to the fishing resources. Be clear that a real nationalist party which would want Scotland out of the EU would have been pilloried long ago.

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