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I have to report a ‘sea-change’ in my life-style and habits. I came home from the weekly ‘shop’, unloaded and stacked all the food, perishables, dairy etc. in the fridge, frozen gear in the freezer, tins in the cupboards etc., the usual round. Made my wife a cup of tea, and one for myself too, sat down after clearing up; reached for the remote to switch the tuner on, and then paused. It was five-past-six in the evening, the 6 p.m. news had already commenced, and still I paused; and then clicked the remote to…..Classic FM, where I listened to a Piano Concerto by Robert Schumann, then Delibes, Karl Jenkins, and much more after that was finished.

I realised that if I had tuned to the BBC news, I would be hearing of the latest stories from the Leveson Inquiry, where I would be regaled with lots of gossip and crap dressed up as useful evidence about politicians and their spin-doctors; and who said what, to whom, and when. I would also be learning the latest in the tortured trials of the Eurozone idiots, along with, hopefully, a bookmaker giving odds on when Greece would default; or Spain, or indeed Ireland. We would then be regaled with ‘news’ about the progress of the Olympic torch, and how it is being greeted by cheering crowds. Seems to me that they must have very little to do with their time except by watching a re-enactment of a ‘inspiring activity’ which was, unfortunately, invented by none other than Adolf Hitler’s Nazis for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. No doubt we would also have heard the real Fat Controller, Alec Salmond himself, telling us all how wonderful it would be once Scotland become Independent. Add to that deep pit of sludge by mention of Spain’s banking woes, Paralympic ticket sales, or rather the lack of sales; and a statement by a Labour MP to the end that she wished that a ‘lager-drinking oaf’ should be killed before he could breed!

Sorry, folks, but this evening is for me and the music, possibly a glass of wine, and memories of an eldest brother who has just died from a mixture of pulmonary fibrosis and cancer.

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5 thoughts on “Choices!

  1. Classic FM, where I listened to a Piano Concerto by Robert Schumann, then Delibes, Karl Jenkins, and much more after that was finished.


    Take the plunge and move to Radio 3. I listened to Classic FM for years until I knew everything on their playlist and I could stand the advertising no longer. Radio 3 is (mostly) mainstream classical, but with a much more interesting approach and a vastly greater range of music. I try to listen to it through my working day and sometimes in the evenings as well.

    Give it a try. You could dip your toe in the water by listening to “In Tune” 4.30 – 6.30 pm. Today it was mostly Puccini. Next week’s composer of the week is Irving Berlin (one hour at 12.00 noon repeated at 6.30pm).

  2. Peter,

    Used to listen to R3, but once they changed the format, I switched to Classic, and stayed with the music and people who play my way.

    Ta also for the thoughts about my brother.

  3. Mike,
    Sorry to hear about your elder brother. My condolences.
    I listen to Classic FM too. I found Radio 3 a bit too avant garde for my tastes.
    Radio 5Live for current affairs, Radio 4 on a Saturday, Radio 4 Extra for nostalgia and humour.

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