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So when next time the Doctors, and their BMA buddies think about pushing for more taxes on things like eating, smoking,  or indeed just living, someone ought to remind these leeches that we pay their bloody salaries!

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3 thoughts on “Who is the employer?

  1. Perhaps if they concentrated solely on medical matters rather than on social engineering, we would get more consistent health care at a much reduced cost.

    The modern trend of ‘shotgun’ prescriptions for various groupings defined by age, sex, or aberration, rather than need, seems to be a very expensive and dangerous way of dispensing health care.

    The long standing trend of dispensing the various varieties of statins – ‘to anyone over 65’, irrespective of need or medical history, is but one example. That statins and other blood pressure medications can have very serious and irreperable side effects, seems to matter little to an increasing number of doctors.

    Perhaps if the political element could be eliminated from health care, we might have less need for such an expensive, but nonetheless ineffective, system of homecare.

    It appears to be that in the case of ‘preventitive medicine’ the cure is vastly more expensive than the treatment of those unfortunate patients who do fall foul of the latest fashionable condition.

  2. Mike

    Just for the record, is your policy not to respond to comments on your posts?

  3. Currently, any advice a government agency issues I consider and weigh the merits.

    Blatent laws regarding my lifestyle are bullshit and I ignore them if possible on principle.

    I’m a big boy and can make up my own mind. But then again I receive my medical insurance from the company I retired from.

    When ObamaCare kicks in it’ll be a totally different story. Big Brother will be in control.

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