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In the Telegraph, I read that a team of demographers at Manchester University has predicted that whites will be a minority group in Birmingham by the year 2027. According to the university’s Dr Ludi Simpson, the growth of the "minority" population will be driven by the doubling in size of the Pakistani population.

So, not just population replacement, but the first steps towards Islamification as well. Isn’t Mark Steyn supposed to be a paranoid racist for predicting demographic change of this nature?

Interestingly, Dr Simpson is scathingly dismissive of the common liberal notion that, in such Balkanised cities as Birmingham, the numerous different ethnic groups now living within Molotov cocktail-throwing distance of one another will just join hands and sing "Kumbaya". Rather, he acknowledges that the suburbs of such cities are "sites of real tension". And, it should be noted that this tension does not just arise between whites and non-whites; it also arises between different non-white groups, with the most notorious recent example being the clashes between Pakistanis and blacks in the Lozells area of Birmingham, two years ago.

The gradual population replacement taking place in many of our largest cities should be a cause of immense concern. The increased likelihood of inter-racial violence, as our cities become increasingly fragmented, and increasingly segregated along racial lines, with each group mistrusting the next, is a considerable problem in itself. And not one that any mainstream politicians are really making much effort to address. They all subscribe to the Kumbaya fantasy.
However, the second concern is, as I see it, more important. It is that we are witnessing a massive change in the racial make-up of our society. Where Birmingham goes, the rest of Britain is likely to follow. This change truly is without precedent – never before has a majority population voluntarily turned itself into a minority – and its implications are potentially immense. And yet, there has never been a serious public debate about this most important of all issues. Indeed, any debate on this issue is positively shut down, with the label ‘racist’ hastily applied to any who dare raise it. I believe that the British people deserve to know the details of what the political elite has inflicted upon them, and they deserve a debate on whether we want the demographic change that this country has already endured to be exacerbated by continued mass immigration. Sadly, I don’t expect to see any such debate anytime soon.

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25 thoughts on “Population Replacement in Birmingham, and Britain

  1. James Willerman, writes a comment on the Telegraph article you link to.
    He asks "how many countries (England?) will break in to?".
    ‘Enclave’ or enclosure would be more accurate a description to my mind, and the absolute inevitability of this happening goes without saying.

    So,.. here is a worthwhile, practical, future tip:

    I can’t remember the details, but a year or two back John Prescott tried to break up the Shire of Northumberland, but in a mini referendum it was comphrehensively thrown out, much to everyones amazement and admiration.

    This wonderful 1950s-style, part of ‘old’ England remains blissfully and ethnically intact, and boasts some of the finest landscape, history, and collection of castles in all of Europe.
    I think it is Englands’ best kept secret, and what is more is that it is just three and a half hours journey by Great North Eastern train from London to Berwick-upon-Tweed, passing along the coast, by Holy Island (the first Christian settlement in Britain), and, for bird-lovers, the Farne Islands…and much, much more.

    And furthermore, for those who think it is bleak/windswept; it is not. It has the same rainfall and sunshine pattern as much of the southeast.

    I spent a superb week there this summer, and met nothing but good natured, confident, relaxed and intellegent white people.

    Here endeth the advert…Ahhhh.

  2. Population replacement is happening and it is a policy of NuLab. I didn’t read about it in any election manifesto so nobody actually got the chance to vote on it. Is there any contributor to this site who does support the policy of population replacement?

  3. Allan, it isnt a policy of NuLab, it is a policy of the EU. Culturally homogenous population and sense of nationhood (and unfortunately much as I hate to say it in the case of Lozells I cant pretend that the majority either consider themselves British first or even vaguely share British cultural mores) = greatest public resistance to expansion of EU power. That’s what this is really about.

  4. DSD,

    "Allan, it isnt a policy of NuLab, it is a policy of the EU"

    you see the power behind the power, but do you see the power behind the power behind the power?

  5. Colm,

    when have I "gone on about" the Bilderberg group? I mentioned them with regard to Thatcher’s downfall. So what?

  6. Colm,

    I don’t care who’s monitoring us, because I won’t live in fear and cowardice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So, at what point in history does questioning an official narrative make me a conspiracy nut? If I question the official version of Anne Boleyn’s execution, and put forward the idea that she was set up and the "evidence" against her was fabricated and obtained through torture, does this make me a nut?

    Or to put it another way, when did our leaders stop lying to us?

  7. "When you hear what you call a conspiracy theory just remember that the truth behind it is much worse ." Quote by FR in 2005 .

  8. Why wait for Birmingham and 2027 for the whites to become a minority, Leicester expects it to happen within the next 5 years.
    Southall in London was in 2001 census 52.7 non white, 5 wards are over 70% majority non white, how long before all of Southall is 70% non white?
    There are strong rivalries between sikhs, muslims and hindus. How long before a religious candidate representing the majority faith represents this and numerous other seats? MPs representing Labour,Tory or Lib Dem may well become things of the past,when seats become overwhelmingly non white!

  9. Good points, Scouseproud.
    Large fragments of poo are already hitting the fan in inter-ethnic rivalry in these areas.
    Africans do not like Asians at all, and vice versa, but then again west africans don’t like east africans either, and both of then have no time for afro-carribeans; to say nothing of the hatred between mainland India and the erstwhile Ceylonese. All of whom are mixed up over here.
    Britain is set for a civil war, and like as not, it won’t involve the whites.

  10. There will be inter-ethnic war, waged by criminal gangs on behalf of their ethnic base. It’s happening now.

  11. Colm,

    Just because only two people died during the Lozells riots doesnt mean it wasnt through want of trying. There’s a place called the Roman Road in East London you might want to visit on a Saturday night. It is the preferred meeting ground for the community representatives of each of our diverse and vibrant East London ethnic minorities on a weekly basis. Once there you can see such vibrantly diverse communities as Ethiopians and Kosovars uniting to beat the Somalis to a pulp and with true community spirit, torch cars and generally cause as much mayhem as possible. And to demonstrate the vibrant diversity of the area, chances are next week it’ll be the Bangladeshis and the Pakistanis (in the national sense of the word, let’s not have anyone’s heads explode at the thought of a Forbidden Word) beating up the Somalis instead, all lit by the charmingly ethnic sight of burning cars.

    The Civil War already started. You just dont know it yet because the media doesnt want you to.

  12. Racists of the world unite!

    Population change has always been a fact of life. Ask the north-american indians or the south american indians or the africans or the australian aboriginies for their views. Allan?

    Let’s islolate the racists who believe that all immigration of dark-skinned people into white-skinned countries should be stopped but have no problem endorsing past influxes of whites into black countries. Allan?

  13. DSD

    You made that up about the weekly riots and car burnings on the Roman Road. I am not so naive as to be unaware of different ethnic tensions and violent atacks between different nationalities but the idea that the media would all agree not to report a full blown car torching riot! pull the other one.

  14. "Population change has always been a fact of life. Ask the north-american indians or the south american indians or the africans or the australian aboriginies for their views. Allan?"

    Hardly an argument for allowing the same to happen here is it?

  15. Hardly an argument for allowing the same to happen here is it?

    Sunday, September 2, 2007 at 12:07AM | RC

    You miss the leftists’ perspective, RC. That IS their argument!

    The fact that whites from Europe went to other continents and built Australia, the US and South Africa FROM NOTHING is their argument to allowing massed migration to here which would wreck our societies. If you object, you’re a ‘racist’. That card doesn’t work too well now, though.

  16. Allan and others:

    I’m not arguing for unrestricted immigration, merely pointing out that we (the whites) have inflicted it in the past on black countries and built empires on it.

    Now we have embraced globalisation. It demands a supply of cheap labour. So we either abandon globalisation (I’m all for that) or we accept the consequences. The problem is that rightists want both.

  17. Peter: "Now we have embraced globalisation. It demands a supply of cheap labour. So we either abandon globalisation (I’m all for that) or we accept the consequences."

    You are mixing apples and oranges. Why does globalisation demand "cheap" labor?

    And if we assume "cheap" labor is necessary, why does it have to be cheap labor at home? supplied by immigrants within our borders?

    Controlled immigration means you can pick and choose who stays in the country. You take what you need and you are not saddled with excess immigrants who are a net negative to the economy.

    This doesn’t sit well with the anti-West left because they feel that the West owes the 3rd world a living probably from misplaced guilt,or faulty analysis.

  18. Lets put this post-imperial guilt aside. The western powers withdrew from Africa decades ago and the place is still a mess because they are completely corrupt and administratively useless. Its their fault not the wests.

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