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Is harassing someone about their weight as morally reprehensible as making a racist or sexist remark?

My but the Nanny Staters are busy bees this weather…

Ridiculing someone as ‘fat’ or ‘obese’ could become a hate crime under an idea being floated by a group of MPs and a leading charity.

Here’s the insanity..

Under the Equalities Act 2010, it is illegal to harass, victimise or discriminate against anyone on the basis of a number of ‘protected’ characteristics, such as their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability. The parliamentary group, supported by the charity Central YMCA, has today published a report, Reflections on Body Image, recommending “a review into the scale of the problem of appearance-based discrimination and how this would be best tackled”. It goes on: “This may include exploring whether an amendment to the Equalities Act would be the most appropriate way of tackling such discrimination.”

Oh, and they go further, much further…

The report also advocated compulsory “body image and self-esteem lessons” for those in primary and secondary school, which Ms Prescott said should start “in nursery”. Other ideas include a tight code of regulation governing cosmetic surgery advertising, which has come in for sharp criticism in the wake of the faulty breast implant scandal.

Basically this is totalitarianism wrapped up in pretty clothes for the PC brigade.  There once was a saying “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” but now we can legislate that away.

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12 thoughts on “FAT IS A HATE ISSUE

  1. There is no fun in being fat.
    The ability to lose excess weight seems to decrease as we get older.
    If you met me your first thoughts would probably be,

    “My! What a handsome fellow. I wish I could be his friend.”
    Then after your initial envy, your self assertive/defensive responses would kick in, and you would think,
    “For a Sylvester Stallone (only taller and blonde) look alike, he’s a bit porky around the middle!”
    And aye, there’s the rub.
    I am porky around the middle, and yes, it IS a combination of fat and out of condition muscle.

    Yet the wife and I eat healthily with one big meal a day, not three.
    We are much less active than we used to be.
    We don’t burn off calories keeping warm anymore.
    I DO wonder about the antibiotics they inject into cattle and swine nowadays,
    I love Big Macs, but only indulge twice a month…
    So I do feel for people who are struggling with their weight, and don’t have the compensatory attributes of good looks, engaging personality and personal magnetism.
    Like what I do… 🙂

  2. There is ‘fat’, and then there is fat. The one a certain portliness that comes with increasing years, – it used to be called ‘middle aged spread’.

    Now it’s ‘obesity’, take it or leave it, from being a few pounds over the norm, or up a few points on that new totem, – the Body Mass Index, the doctors are ready and willing to spend countless expensive hours, counselling, cajoling or generally ‘looking down their noses’ at anyone who is more than ‘just a bag of bones’. And, all to save the NHS some mythical future costs in the latest fashionable treatment, – belly bands come to mind.

    Then there is such as depicted in the picture, truly described as ‘fat’ and grossly so. Yes it is ugly, and no it isn’t a reaction to low self esteem, – at least not in the early stages, – it is the outward sign of an inbuilt laziness and lack of self control. The ‘why should I bother’ attitude, as fostered by the welfare system.

    Being reprimanded for being late, or not puling your weight, – how apt is that? – by some irate employer is no longer a incentive to get up in the morning to follow a routine that in itself is a ‘weight loss’ programme. Of course, a viable job market is needed for that to be possible.

    I can accept that their are certain medical conditions that are conducive to becoming overly large, but I have great difficulty in accepting many of the new psychological reasons, or is it excuses? every time anyone cannot be bothered or be prepared to make an effort to excercise even a modicum of self control, which may affect their attitude or manner.

    Perhaps we should go back to the days of the ration book, never did see anything so gross ‘back then’…

  3. Hmm,
    not sure there isn’t a certain amount of spite and repressed lust in your comment above Ernest..
    However it may be that if enough young, fat unemployed(able) young voters petition their constituency MPs, the welfare state might provide personalised heavy duty industrial cranes to enable them to get to work…. 🙂

  4. Agit8ed,

    As you and I both know, the human juvenile is invariably lazy and indolent – by nature. That’s why parenting is so vital, particularly in the early years, – ‘Give me the child to age seven, and I will give you the man’.

    Part of our ‘education’ includes doing things we don’t like doing, and realising that if we don’t do them, no-one else will, or can be expected to do them for us.

    Of course, the ‘state’, will do it’s pathetic best to encourage parents to renege on this, not always pleasant part of parenting, – they can then start their brainwashing at an even earlier age than usual.

    That most of our political class are virtualy feral and untututored in such matters, it is easy to see why they make such a mess of things when they try their hand at social engineering…

  5. Ernest,
    so, in a round about sort of way, are you trying to tell me that the lady in the picture does nothing for your libido?!

    I was a terribly lazy teenager. I think I mentioned a gazillion ATW years ago that my father of blessed memory, took me by the hand one day. We boarded a bus to Rochester trading estate, and we walked all around the various firms until he found me a job…
    I still miss him.

  6. Agit8ed,

    Typical of you religious types – you see a sexual connection in everything, no matter how grotesqe. Do you find it difficult to walk thru’ a farmyard without getting even a mild flush?

    Small wonder that you and Colm get along, – he is the original ‘smutty mind’ of ATW. I can only assume you both rather missed out, during your early years, on female company. I can remember playing ‘show you mine if you show me yours’, on the way home from prep school, well before becoming a teen. Either that, or you have found a cheap source of Viagra…

  7. Ernest,
    and the lady is grotesque?
    I was only wondering what appealed and what didn’t.
    Having spilled the beans on my overhang, I thought it might encourage a little honesty from others..
    I never did the “show me” thing, either on the way home or anywhere else. What I was pointing out was that obesity is not always down to the individual.
    We don’t burn off so many calories because we have central heating.
    We don’t burn off calories by walking because we have cars/buses/taxis.

    Life is far more sedentary nowadays.

    Regarding Colm, I don’t think he is really smutty. He is a self confessed Gay with a sharp and witty mind. He is a peacemaker, and tries to see the other person’s point of view. He makes me laugh.
    He would be welcome in my home. I would like to think we would find a way to get along without upsetting each other, but I’m never averse to putting the boot in if I think it’s needed.
    I don’t often swear, I don’t tell dirty jokes and I don’t do blasphemy for obvious reasons.

  8. Agit8ed,

    Are you suggesting that perhaps I am being less than honest in admiting to a pecadillo or three? – not so! – the very idea, let alone a photo, of mounds of sweaty flesh hovering above, or quivering, below me, is utterly revolting, and that’s without thinking of the hygiene problems.

    Of course I realise that the above sentence may well send you into a sexual paroxysm, in which case I would think that, especially at your age, a thank you would be in order!

    Arise Sir Richard!…

    Of course life is more sedentary, – but only if you wish it to be. Pete brags of his walking tours, because he not only enjoys them, but it enhances his image as a energetic ‘go-getter’, and I see that you may well be doing something similar.

    As I have said before, most lifestyle decisions are largely matters of choice, that there are now so many ready made faux psychological ‘reasons’ to choose from it is easy to just sit back and do nothing.

    Of course, two generations of unemployment doesn’t exactly help matters does it?

  9. Ernesto,
    Large mounds of “wobble” is a guaranteed turn off, but sexual attraction is sometimes more than the mere physical.
    I am now at the point where I am used to being ignored by the younger elements of the fairer sex. In fact the longer I live the more I realise that it really is all about attracting and keeping a mate. Firstly for nest building, creating and nurturing young, secondly for glorious companionship with the woman who loves and understands you.
    Longer term, I believe man is meant to be a spiritual being, seeking meaning and affirmation. Some are content to be as the animals; some seek more.
    I believe that one day when I enter the “Big Sleep” I will either have ceased to exist because there is nothing else after death, or I will find myself face to face with my Maker, and have to give an account of myself.
    No one else, just me.

  10. Agit8ed,

    There’s me thinking we were having a jokey chat, and you go all preachy on me!

    I’ll wager you really do like trying to teach grandmothers how to suck eggs!

    I appreciate you telling me your inner feelings, – but puleeze, – you aren’t the first to come to those, or similar, conclusions.

    If I tell you that my wife and I have been married in excess of fifty years, with many of the ‘ups and downs’ that make life so interesting, – and I could say, in view of the thread topic, – through ‘thick and thin’, – or even ‘thin and thick’, – and that I am probably more than a decade your senior, you will, I hope, understand why I find your revelations to be – shall I say, ‘old hat’. ‘Be there, seen that, done that!’ – as they say.

    It’s bad and boring enough when old folk get maudling and attempt to reveal, – to anyone who will listen, – their life philosophy.

    When revealed to those more senior, it begins to look as though you are seeking approval. If that is so, then ‘well done you! – it sounds like you are some way finding the peace we all seek.

    Not that I wish to be personal about such things, and have no wish to insult, – but please! do choose your audience a bit more carefully.

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