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The cost of illegal immigration to the UK taxpayer SOARS and all thanks to “human rights” parasites and porous borders..

Thousands of illegal immigrants have been caught by the authorities before being released ‘to protect their human rights’. One in six of those granted bail later absconds – meaning they must be caught a second time at huge cost to the taxpayer.

How does this work?

Detainees can  only continue to be held in immigration centres if there is a good chance of them being imminently deported. At the same time, others cite Article 8 of the Human Rights Act – which gives the right to a family and private life – meaning courts are forced to let them go pending appeals. There are also often problems in locating documents to identify where immigrants are from – making it impossible to send them home. In many cases, documents have been destroyed deliberately.

The truth is that we need stronger borders, rigorously enforced. Once these parasites come to our country, they will use ever lever available to them to stay here. The Human Rights Industry is part of their support system and until we withdraw from this we will continue to pay the astronomical price imposed by them.

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One thought on “OPEN BORDERS

  1. The mass colonisation of the UK by the 3rd-world is a deliberate policy imposed by the Establishment on the indigenous. It will continue until the indigenous people of this country value the future of their children more highly than Champions League Football and X-factor. From what I see that we’ve become, it’s unlikely to happen.

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