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“On this day, 31st May 1972, 28-year-old Marcel James Doglay, married with 4 children and originally from the Seychelles, was killed by an IRA bomb which exploded inside the Springfield Road RUC station. The 30lb device went off without warning, blowing out 20 feet of a wall. The Belfast Telegraph reported: ‘as his body was being taken away in an ambulance, a crowd which gathered outside the police station cheered and jeered. This also happened after the 1st bomb attack a year ago, when Sgt. Michael Willets died’

Charming people.

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23 thoughts on “LEST WE FORGET

  1. Michael Willets deservedly won the George Cross for his heroism in the other incident you mention for sheltering children at the scene before he was killed. Sadly NI (like the rest of the world) has its share of people who are simply uncivilized – how else to define someone taunting an ambulance victim?

    But you inadvertently make the point of those who have supported and support the Peace Process in that the frequency and severity of such incidents has vastly diminished.

  2. I take it if an IRA volunteer in a Unionist area was injured and was put into an ambulance you and David would be the first to condemn anyone who jeered him?

  3. It is a pathetic post. You troll up something from 40 years ago in a blatant attempt for people to have a get together and say “look at dem Fenians”.

  4. Oh those noble, sensitive British soldiers:

    Two people, Karen Reilly and 17- year-old Martin Peake, were killed when paratroopers fired 36 shots at the car driven by Peake. No charge of murder was brought in relation to Peake because the bullet that killed him could not be identified

    After the shooting paratroopers built a large model of the car, together with a papier-mache model of a bloodstained head. A notice read: ‘Vauxhall Astra. Built by robots. Driven by joyriders. Stopped by ‘A’ Company.’


  5. I’m not going to get that worked up about that. I have little to no sympathy for joyriders. And while no charge of murder was brought for Martin Peake a British soldier did go to prison for murdering Karen Reilly (one of the rare occasions that the Brits actually prosecuted their own murderers).

    Of course Lee Clegg only spent less than two years in prison and is currently serving in the British Army. I wonder when is Jim Allister going to start his campaign to prevent convicted murderers from serving in the British Army?

  6. No it isn’t okay to gloat. I just don’t have a great amount of sympathy for any of them.

  7. No problems with “shoot to kill” policy or death sentence for “joyriders” either?

  8. Well I don’t actually have problems with shoot to kill.

    And I don’t support a death sentence for joyriders but I won’t feel any sympathy for them if they get killed doing it.

  9. Okay, now that’s been put into perspective we can comment on some peoples “failure to engage on the substance of the post” when those they seek to sanctify are guilty of the same malignant gloating.

  10. Neither is *Gerry Adams / Martin McGuinness/ Gerry Kelly etc.

    * Delete as appropriate.

  11. His conviction was overturned because they couldn’t guarantee that his bullet killed her. If it was anyone else than a British Soldier that conviction wouldn’t have been overturned but then the Brits always liked protecting their own murderers.

  12. Paul McMahon – Seamus did at 6.54pm.

    Seamus – We protected Clegg by convicting him of murder in the first place? Face it, few people would and do hold their soldiers to our standards. If anything, he was tried in the first place to protect the political stitch then ongoing.

    In a strange way it must gall some nationalists that we can hold to such standards. How many other countries would have tried Sergeant Clegg or meticulously poured over Bloody Sunday time and time again?

    Yes, we are still quite exceptional.

  13. Over the course of the Troubles the British Army murdered 151 Civilians (directly murdered, it doesn’t include the people the British Army got their Loyalists mates to kill for them). Of those 151 murders only 4 soldiers were ever brought to justice and on of them had the conviction overturned. They all spent an average of 18 months in prison and 3 of the 4 are current members of the British Army.

    Your standards are pathetic.

  14. Paul McMahon – Seamus did at 6.54pm

    You’re right, he did. I stand corrected.

    In a strange way it must gall some nationalists that we can hold to such standards

    What do you think of 3rd Para’s mock-up of the Astra Pete, (and the fact that their CO’s did nothing to remove the execrable montage until it was made public?

    Standards indeed.

  15. Paul McMahon –

    It’s not impressive, although I wouldn’t necessarily go overboard about it if some black humour was a way of reducing stress in a very dirty war zone. If officers allowed it to happen then they deserved censure.

    All in all, I’m quite certain it wasn’t the worst thing to have happened in NI.

  16. Some black humour

    Two kids shot dead and two kids seriously wounded. Yeah, the mates of the ones that did it must be pissing themselves.

    All in all, I’m quite certain it wasn’t the worst thing to have happened in NI

    Of course it wasn’t, it wasn’t even the worst thing that the Paras did.

  17. Given the provocations and savage insurgent atrocities, they were extraordinarily restrained.

  18. Yeah, because having a collective laugh at your mates shooting dead a couple of teenage kids in a stolen car is all the fault of those savage insurgent atrocities.

    And those poor wee lambs in the Paras being so sensitive too.

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