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And ANOTHER Super hero gets “modernised”. Here is the Green Lantern as we knew him…

….and here is now…

Yes, he is the ringed hero is now gay.

What can I say? Well, if the HULK turns gay then we are really in trouble…

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10 thoughts on “AC DC?

  1. Maybe he was just really frustrated in the first drawing after being closeted for seventy six horny years.

  2. no mahons it’s just the pc crowd aren’t happy leaving anything alone, indoctrination on all levels is the mantra… even comics

  3. It’s very easy to laugh this story off with a few tongue in cheek comments. However, it is very clear to see what actually lies behind the use of homosexual images in childrens comics. Cultural marxism in full effect.

  4. Daphne – He’s clearly flamming in the first drawing.

    People Who Are Worried About Make-Believe Superheroes: Spoiler Alert – The Green Lattern doesn’t really exist.

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