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I think it fair to say that even the most ardent Europhile will accept things look grim for their “project”. What to do? Well…

Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, has called for the eurozone to have a “centralised control” authority, which would be in charge of the budgets of all the nation states. Mr Rajoy has become the latest European politician to calling for countries to, in effect, abandon their sovereignty in a last ditch attempt to save the beleaguered currency Mr Rajoy said a new central authority was the answer to the European debt crisis and would go a long way in alleviating Spain’s woes as it would send a clear signal to investors that the single currency is an irreversible project.

The answer to any Euro problem is MORE Euro. Rajoy is basically saying his country cannot be trusted to run an efficient budget so it would be better to abandon any such pretence and let the unelected Eurocrats take control. This is a power grab and all the evidence one needs to realise just how fundamentally anti-Democratic the European Union has become.

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  1. The only way the Euro could work is if committed countries gave over control of their economies to a central planning committee – probably headed up by Germany!
    It could work if those countries were willing to throw in their lot with Germany as head. Belgium, Luxembourg, maybe even Holland and Denmark might see the longer term benefits, but would France? would Italy and Spain?
    They might, but highly unlikely.
    The sense of national identity and inter national rivalry and strife might be too strong.
    This must be the great political frustration. Only centralized, dynamic economic planning will ensure that Europe becomes a real world power bloc. At the moment we rely on the USA for security whilst squandering our wealth on ever increasing social benefits.
    Europe is both complacent and sclerotic, pompous and impotent.

  2. Mariano Roy is a supposed conservative whose supposedly conservative faction recently won a general election, and yet the globalism continues.

    Does anyone outside of heroic Iceland still think that elections have the slightest influence on anything? Their only purpose, across the Western world, is to bamboozle the masses with the fiction that they are exercising some mythical power over “public servants”.

  3. The truth is that only the utter erasure of the Nation State will satisfy these Eurocrat despots. It won’t happen and Europe will burn as a result of their hubris and contempt for ordinary people.

  4. The 1,000 year Third Reich lasted 12 years. The Euro has lasted 13 years, but it will only survive if the weaker economies are allowed to leave in an orderly fashion.

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