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Many things have been written and spoken regarding the many failings of Gordon Brown, In fact, if they were all shuffled together, they would probably form a rather large book. But the one redeeming stance taken by Gordon Brown sets him up as possible the most unlikely saviour this sovereign Nation has ever known.

I refer to the decision to block any possible move by Blair towards joining the Euro.

Knowing the ‘Comrades’ and their beloved ‘Projects; as we now do, is it likely that Brown himself foresaw this, which is why he nearly resigned in order to prevent it?

As the old card game saying goes, “Read it and Weep”, for there are many in or adjacent to power today who still believe that the Euro is the only game in town!

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3 thoughts on “The Secret Super-State

  1. He got one very big thing right.

    He and Mrs. Thatcher.

    British ” euro ” skepticism was more than justified.

  2. McDoom is lying.

    He was never opposed to Britain adopting the euro. Cast your minds back to 1997 and think of Gordon Brown talking about “the five economic tests” which would need to be satisfied before it could happen.

    Why would you devise something like that if you were opposed to Britain adopting the euro? You can simply rule it out and say why. There’s no need for some elaborate ruse. Brown’s plan was to ensure that Blair – his great enemy – took no glory for it happening. To prevent that happening he ensured the decision remained in the Treasury.

    The idea also that Brown would resign from the Treasury is laughable. He thinks he was born to be the Prime Minister and had a right to be in No10. So why would he exile himself to the backbenches?

    What Brown’s doing is re-writing history. Look at the link:

    He was “ready to resign” if he could not persuade colleagues, including Tony Blair, of the “grave risks” of signing up to the single currency at that time.

    He didn’t talk about grave risks at the time. He talked process and the economic tests, not risk. Ever since his inflated economy popped he’s been blaming everyone and everything for it – except his economic policies – which is the point of his turgid book.

  3. Pete Moore- agree 100% .

    McDoom is rewriting history to suit. If Blair had been against the Euro we would have already been in it. He’s a petty vindictive evil mentalist. As Clarkson said a one eyed Scottish idiot.

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