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The moral degeneracy continues apace…

Appointing a woman once dubbed Britain’s “most wanted” IRA suspect to a new forum for victims in Northern Ireland was necessary to reflect the varied experiences from decades of conflict, it has been claimed

Great idea.  Have a victims forum where the victim makers have a say. A country that can stomach McGuinness as co-First Minister, if not exalt in it, can swallow anything.

Bertha McDougall, a victims commissioner who helped appoint the 25-member Forum for Victims and Survivors, said it was necessary to reflect as wide a range of perspectives as possible and appealed for critics to await details of the group’s full make-up..

And then, the obvious question. Who appointed Bertha to this mighty position? Yes, that’s right- the last Labour Government, the same people who opened up the jails, killed off the RUC and elevated the IRA into Government.

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  1. That’s why she was wanted in NI for just a laugh then Seamus?

    This is a woman who does not regret the IRA campaign, and appeared at countless terrorist gatherings, even at Brian Keenan’s funeral she was there with spike murray taking the rag that you and other ira voters want to fly in this art of the UK;

    She should NEVER be in such a position, and should be arrested and questioned, or even better, why not a full investigation into her activities with the money that has been allocated for her salary?

    Sickening and truly vile.

  2. She was once Britain’s ‘most wanted’ woman.

    Eibhlin Glenholmes, from Belfast’s Short Strand, was at the top of Scotland Yard’s list of suspects in the 1980s for five IRA bombings and three murders — including a blast at the Harrods department store which killed six people.

    In 1984 there were nine extradition warrants against her, including three murders, one attempted murder, three explosives charges and one charge for possession of weapons, including a sub-machine-gun, an Armalite rifle and five pistols.

    While it was not included in the warrants, police also wanted to question her about the bombing of Brighton’s Grand Hotel during the 1984 Conservative conference.

    Detailed in the warrants was an attack on a military bus at the Irish Guards barracks in Chelsea in October 1981 in which two died.

    Glenholmes was also accused of bombing a Wimpy bar in Oxford Street, London, in the same month, October 1981, and of attempting to murder the British Attorney General Sir Michael Havers and the former Royal Marines Commander Sir Stewart Pringle in the same year.

    She escaped extradition from the Republic twice due to mistakes in the British warrants. In 1986 she walked free because her name was spelled without an ‘s’ on her arrest warrant.

    After her release, gardai fired shots near Dublin’s |O’Connell Street as they tried to recapture her when new warrants arrived.

    It marked the start of life as a fugitive. Security sources claimed she acted as Sinn Fein’s Havana-based envoy to Latin America between 1990 and 1995.

    In July 2000 Glenholmes was on a list of 41 fugitive republicans given to Tony Blair by Gerry Adams.

    She is the daughter of Richard Glenholmes, a senior IRA figure jailed in England for trying to spring Brian Keenan, the former IRA deputy chief of staff, from prison in London.

    She was reported as being a member of the party’s national executive in January 2007 while living in Dundalk.

    source; Belfast Tele

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