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Glad to see that Obama got a bloody nose in Wisconsin and it looks like Bubba Bill Clinton is on the case!

Gov. Scott Walker, fresh from becoming the nation’s first governor to survive a recall election, wants to go about mending Wisconsin’s political divide in an egalitarian way: over brats and beer. Walker defeated Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Tuesday for the second time in year and a half, turning back a recall effort that began with the collection of more than 900,000 signatures seeking his ouster. It was only the third gubernatorial recall in U.S. history.

Here’s how the BBC were trailing this result just a short while ago…

“A rare recall election in the US state of Wisconsin that is being seen as a key test ahead of the general election is deadlocked, exit polls show. Republican Governor Scott Walker faces Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett more than a year after he passed a law limiting workers’ collective bargaining rights.”

Walker won with a bigger majority than when Hollande beat Sarkozy or when Obama beat Bush  but hey, let’s not focus on that!

Meanwhile….Bill Clinton has said that those Bush tax cuts that Obama opposes so vehemently should be..extended!

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  1. The left ( the real left ) and the unions aren’t sorry that they put the state through this wretched recall experience.

    They’re of the ” by any means necessary ” school, and will continue to fight dirty.

  2. You don’t understand! Palin coulda had class. She coulda been a contender. She could’ve been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what she is.

  3. The public labor unions are the backbone of the Progressive Democrat Party, Phantom. In Wisconsin, after Walker’s reforms, union membership in AFSCM fell from approx. 63,000 to 29,000.

    The union has been cut in half!

    Other disparate Progressive groups – LGBT, Feminist, Black Caucus, Enviromentalist, Pro-abortion etc. – they are loose knit groups with little to hold them all together.

    It is no wonder that the Progressive Democrat Party went all in for this election – the fact that they lost bodes very badly for the them.

  4. Except for a poll last week that seemed pretty close to the result (Walker 52 Barrett 45) had Obama up 8 points in Wisconsin.

  5. As was stated by others last night- this shows that you can successfully deal with public union excesses, even in a liberal / progressive state like Wisconsin.

    If you can win there, you can win in lots of places. Though in WI the unions made themselves so completely unlikable that they made it easy to vote against them.

  6. Seamus

    Thats not a surprise to me. Lots of people in this country split the ticket – vote Democrat for one office, Republican for another.

    Some of Obama’s moves – re the auto industry, and health care – would actually be popular i think with ” Reagan Democrats ” who voted against the recall.

    And Obama didn’t exactly stick his neck out for the recall effort either.

  7. Imagine a world without the NEA (National Education Association) – a world with “school choice” – a world where failing schools were closed and where mediocre, bad teachers were replaced by quality teachers…a world where the welfare of the students mattered more than the welfare of the administrative bureacracy….where children were actually educated instead of warehoused…

    a world without public unions.

  8. Seamus: polls are only polls. and exit polls in Wisconsin had Barrett and Walker at 50-50 – I wouldn’t put much stock in poll numbers these days.

  9. Phantom,

    Exactly. To see this as the death of Obama when all tangible evidence points to the contrary is something only someone with the intelligence of Sarah Palin would believe.


    Lower the terms and conditions that teachers get and how do you recruit those quality teachers?

  10. As I pointed out Patty it was an opinion poll, not an exit poll which can be very difficult (especially with laws stipulate distance from polling stations etc which I think Wisconsin has), taken last week that relatively speaking replicated the result (with a couple of % undecided). It had Walker up by 7 and Obama up by 8.

  11. The BBC report was before the votes were counted and referenced opinion polls.

    An actual BBC report from after the results http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-18345605 starts

    “The Wisconsin result is horrible for US President Barack Obama, and great news for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

    It is a triumph for Republicans and a humiliation for Democrats. Is that overplaying it? I do not think so.”

    Another hilarious bit of gibberish from Vance. Well done David!

  12. Seamus

    In a unionized school environment, it is often near impossible to fire an incompetent or worse teacher.

    In many places here, some of the best performing schools are Catholic schools, which are not subsidized by the state and which don’t pay as well as the public schools. Money is only one motivator for a teacher, or anyone else.

  13. I agree that things could be better and often Unions have way too much power and things like teacher tenure do need to be changed. But the flip side is also bad. Get rid of the unions and the result will be a decline in pay and conditions for teachers, especially in the more deprived areas. The result will be an even bigger decline in standards for the very people who need education the most.

    Just out of curiosity how many of the non-state funded schools have free tuition?

  14. There was a very significant block of voters in Wisconisn who felt that a recall was inappropriate, even if they disagreed with Walker. In addition, they were essentially being asked to put in the guy Walker had beaten in the election to win the office, which would also leave a sour taste in their mouths. Plus the unions went completely over the top in their rhetoric which probably put off a lot of voters. And people have legitimate gripes with many aspects of municipal unions and the sweetheart deals they have gotten over the years.

    Obama can point to exit polls indicating he’s still ahead there, and supporters can point to the amount of out of state money Walker received, but at the end of the day it was not a favorable result for the President’s campaign. Determinative? Hardly, but certainly a sign of a tough road ahead.

  15. Seamus

    It varies a lot.

    Many of the schools can’t afford to give anyone free tuition- again they get no state aid. Some have more resources and do give partial or full scholarships based on need or academics.

  16. Wow – everybody’s expending a lot of energy on a matter of no importance, or at least that’s what Montagu Norman of the Bank of England didn’t(?) say in 1924 according to Phantom:

    By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance.

    Perhaps the successors to the venerable Mr Norman wanted to divert attention from their activities?


    – US banks’ derivative bets of $230 trillion, concentrated in five banks, are 15.3 times larger than the US GDP. A failed political system that allows unregulated banks to place uncovered bets 15 times larger than the US economy is a system that is headed for catastrophic failure. As the word spreads of the fantastic lack of judgment in the American political and financial systems, the catastrophe in waiting will become a reality. –

  17. Some of Obama’s moves – re the auto industry, and health care – would actually be popular i think with ” Reagan Democrats ” who voted against the recall.

    your insane

  18. The blue collar ” Reagan Democrats ” in the upper Midwest – where the UAW auto industry is, primarily – won’t see things the same as Republicans in other parts of the country.

  19. There is a major GM plant in Janesville WI that has been idle since the crisis, but which is now on standby to resume production of new vehicles due to record demand for GM vehicles.

    Some of those UAW members who are about to go back to work are surely Reagan Democrats. And unless they’re insane, they’re all in favor of the auto bailout, which has been a major success.


  20. “Some of Obama’s moves – re the auto industry, and health care – would actually be popular i think with ” Reagan Democrats ” who voted against the recall.”

    A Reagan Democrat is someone who voted for Reagan – for Reagan’s policies, not necessarily the Republican Party – You actually think a “Reagan Democrat” would have supported Obama’s nationalization of part of the auto industry and attempted takeover of the healthcare industry ?

    This is completely insane as Troll says. Like Obama, Phantom, you have very little knowledge or understanding of history and you are completely ignorant as to Reagan.

  21. 136,000 american jobs were exported to foreign nations as part of that bailout, another 100,000 have been laid off. GM still owes the American 26 BILLION dollars.

    No only commie brainwashed union idiots still support Obama.

  22. Patty / Troll

    You’re both too inflexible to speak on such things.

    If I was a ” Reagan Democrat ” who would have lost my job at the Janesville WI plant and who now may have the job after all, I’d think that Obama did a pretty great thing in saving GM.

    And a little prediction – Romney won’t campaign against the auto bailout at all. He’s already basically said that it was his idea. It would be suicidal to campaign against the auto bailout in the Rustbelt.

    Remember Deng’s maxim. Most people aren’t wedded to ideology, and the auto bailout has worked very well.

  23. half of those that vote, at least if you believe the polls. The recall loss proves that the 2010 elections weren’t a fluke.

    Obama can’t win. Commie Unions can’t hold the field even when 119% of people vote in Maddison probably one of the most Democrat towns in the country

  24. Reagan Democrats tend to be socially conservative and economically populist. Blue collar, largely Catholic and largely unionized. In a state like Michigan, Romney will be hard pressed to win them over with his opposition to the auto bailout.

    As for intelligence, I think Patty and Troll provide sufficient examples of the spread of moronism among the far right that people understand their comments are easily dismissed.

  25. Don’t learn the wrong lesson from an impressive victory.

    The recall itself was illegitimate, as mahons said from the get go. Walker did nothing wrong.

    The victory does not mean that all who voted were anti Obama.

    Learn the wrong lesson at your peril

  26. Phantom now your callin the kettle black.

    Your one of the most inflexible people on this site. You keep saying GM was saved out 500,000 jobs at the time of the bailout 100,000 lost their jobs to straight layoffs and the shutdown of dealerships. Another 136,000 lost their jobs to GM plants being moved to China.

    Add to that the 26 Billion they still owe the taxpayer, how do you call that a save?

    The bankruptcy if done under standard contract law would have been better for everyone.

  27. If it was that bad, I’m sure that all the plant workers would be pissing mad at Obama.

    Yet somehow they’re not.

    I’m sure that they have all been brainwashed. Perhaps you can straighten them out.

  28. Troll – are those numbers as accurate as the number of lawyers dispatched to Wisconsin by the Justice Department that you suggested 10,000 and then reduced to 400?

  29. the two New Yorkers once again show why their view of America is that of people in a bubble,

    The 2010 election was a landslide for the right, the greatest number of seats to ever change hands on every level Local, State, and Federal took place.

    Walker did exactly what he said he would do when running and the Democrat party that is controlled by the lunatic left went nuts, they poured every bit of muscle and propaganda they could into this recall and still lost. Do you want to know why?

    The largest Unions in the country are State, Federal, and Local Government workers. That includes teachers. They all get paid out of the pockets and paychecks of everyone else.

    This election served a great purpose, it highlighted the excessive abuse the taxpayer suffers when Govt. workers are Unionized.

    The average Govt, Worker makes 10-20% higher in wages than their private sector counterparts. They pay 90% less for their retirement and healthcare. That is what the election in Wisconsin was about.

    The American people have watched over the past 3 1/2 years, Obama had all the goodwill in the world when he started, He also had complete control of the House and the Senate for 2 years. He could get anything he wanted. and he did. He socialized the American Medical System, he Nationalized Auto Companies and Banks, He raised the congressional base budget by One Trillion Dollars (thats the point were they start the cost projections at for those in NY) While spending an additional 1.5 Trillion a year on top of that.

    What have been the results? 40 months straight of the largest unemployment numbers in the nations history. 23 Million on unemployment, 26 million that are either now collecting welfare or earning minimum wage, the lowest growths in GDP. The worst decline in home ownership and the highest rates of foreclosure in American History. 48 Million people added to the Food Stamp program (soup lines, without the public display) 50% of the coal industry SHUTDOWN, Oil production has increased, but only on 7% of the land where it exists, yet the new technology is so good that Obama even brags he has increased production while cutting off over 90% of available sources.

    The American public outside brainwashed enclaves like NY, Detroit, Chicago, and Maddison see what these kind of issues have done to Europe. We see all of Europe in the throws of collapse. Every Family in the US has someone in it that due to this Presidents policies is either out of work or on assistance.

    No I said it before, and I know Mahons from inside his bubble will laugh, but Mickey Mouse would win in a landslide against Obama.

    Romney is not the best man for the job, but he ain’t no marxist (which Obama is), and he will be the Next President.

    Now rant all you want. Then Apologize on Nov 3

  30. Phantom you either have balls that clank while you walk or absolutely no brains if your going to try and sell the idea that the coal industry is doing fine. I vote for the Latter.

    What was the cost of Peabody stock 3 yrs ago, What was the cost of Patriots stock 3 yrs ago, what are their costs today?

    How much of the US electrical grid was powered by coal 3 years ago, how much today…

    you want a link war? I’ll bet you I win

  31. You said that the industry was in shutdown.

    It’s not.

    I have clients who mine coal in West Virginia and who then use it to make stuff.

    You don’t know anything.

  32. and they are telling you it’s booming? Ask them why a felon took half the vote in their state.

    Did you look up any of the things I asked… no, of course not. might break your bubble.

  33. All I say is that the USA still mines and burns a LOT of coal in West Virginia, Ohio, Wyoming, lots of places.

    There is no shutdown.

  34. Top Obama EPA Official Admits to Plan to Destroy the Coal Industry in
    http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/…/top-obama-epa-official-admits-to-pla…2 days ago – The people who live in coal producing states but not in the areas ….. to get so much more done now than before, “We just needed the right …

    Obama Faces Difficulties in the Coal-Producing Regions of …
    online.wsj.com/…/SB1000142405270230454390457739679299570…May 11, 2012 – He now says the union might choose not to endorse Mr. Obama and sit … Mr. Good worked as an electrician at a coal-fired power plant before ..

    Electoral implications of the Obama Administration’s War on Coal …
    http://www.redstate.com/…/electoral-implications-of-the-obama-administrat…May 22, 2012 – Obama actually won coal-producing states in 2008, 100 to 80; and if no states flip in … abyss. if that happens and the romney campaign isnt completely drunk then its a landslide. … As-is noted hereabouts we’re now a toss-up.

    Coal plant closures could send electricity costs soaring
    articles.chicagotribune.com/…/ct-biz-0517-rate-shock-20120517_1_…May 17, 2012 – Residential electricity prices are expected to spike by more than 10 percent … that chooses the lowest-cost mix of power from bids offered by electricity … “Coal plants close, and capacity prices go up,” said Travis Miller, director of … “Last year’s auction saw a lot of new, clean generators stepping up to fill the …

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