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I watched the Nolan Show last night on the BBC and was interested in hearing senior Sinn Fein spokesman (AND former IRA member) Alex Maskey inform us that IRA terrorists who either blew themselves up or who were shot by members of the forces of law and order “are victims”. As history is re-written, Republicans are determined to ensure that the IRA scum that brought so much misery and pain to our country are sanitised and portrayed as heroic victims. They are nothing of the sort. Every terrorist that set out to take life deserved all that they got. They were victim makers, not victims. The moral depravity that drives the “peace process” is manifest in this deluded assertion by Maskey.

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  1. Seamy,

    If you haven’t realised that ira and sinn fein are ‘inextricably linked’ then you are someone to just simply ignore.

    The PUP are the political wing of the UVF and recieve minimal support from protestants.

    Ach, if only you and your community could move on with us and discard mass murderers, we could embrace a shared future.

    By the way, do you know who or what you are voting for?


  2. Any evidence of sinn fein being the ira’s reps?


    I will embarrass you more;

    Sinn Féin, ( Irish: “We Ourselves” or “Ourselves Alone”) political wing of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA). Sinn Féin, organized in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, is a nationalist party in Northern Ireland, representing Roman Catholics who want to achieve a united Ireland through whatever means are necessary, including violence. The party was led by Gerry Adams from 1983.

    Source; http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/546134/Sinn-Fein

    Cleaned ONCE AGAIN.


  3. That’s not evidence. That’s the Encyclopedia Britannica. Just because the Encyclopedia Britannica think it doesn’t mean it is proof.

    Can you provide any evidence? If you can’t just say so.

  4. I know amongst others what Captain Nairac did

    Then tell us and give evidence surely you wouldn’t have made “Rob’s” anti loyalist actions up would you?

    His former colleagues were not so coy speaking about him why should you be?

  5. Seamus,

    I will use your evidence to correct your own mistaken position;

    Seamus, on June 7th, 2012 at 11:50 pm Said:

    I just checked. Apparently I got that one wrong. He was in the IRA and Sinn Féin at the same time (he joined Sinn Féin in 1970). Of course he wasn’t a senior member at the time.

    There have also been members of the IRA in the Conservative Party as well. Is the Conservative Party the political wing of the IRA?



  6. Okay. There were members of the IRA in Sinn Féin. That doesn’t prove a link. As I pointed out there are members of the Conservative Party who were members of the IRA, members of the DUP who were members of the UVF etc. Does it mean those organisations are linked?

    Again you have provided no evidence.

    Can you provide any evidence? If you can’t just say so.

  7. Paul, Wouldn’t give you the time of day, never mind disclose anything I did against your cowardly heroes.

    Suffice to say, it is comforting they are now accepting our position in the UK until WE tell you otherwise.


  8. Seamy,

    Why did Sinn Fein enter the talks on behalf of the ira?
    Why did they negotiate decomissioning terms for the ira?

    Now if you want to deny it, it is fine, but you are making a complete fool of yourself.

  9. They represented the Republican Movement. They were a mediator between the Government and the IRA.

    Can you provide any evidence that Sinn Féin is the political wing of the IRA? If you can’t just say so.

  10. Look Guys,

    He’s a fucking psychopath. Are you reading this David?

    Ignore him.

    This thread is a disgrace to ATW. Threads with less have been suspended before (David?).

  11. No Seamy.

    Sinn Fein were there to negotiate on behalf of the ira, which is a bit silly, seeing adams and mcguinness amongst others are the same thing.

    Have a thrilling evening.

  12. On Matt…you don’t like it up ye, do you?

    Will you be okay wee son? You want a wee dummy tit to suck on before bed?

    Awk…imagine you having difficulty with the truth alongside your wee mates who vote for ira mass murdering scum.


    Will you be ok for wee sleepies this night?

  13. Any decision taken by the IRA would have to be taken by the IRA Army Council. Thus Sinn Féin are not empowered to negotiate on their behalf. Thus they would only be able to act as mediators between the IRA and the Government.

    Can you provide any actual evidence that Sinn Féin is the political wing of the IRA? If you can’t just say so.

  14. Seamy, no sinn fein members on the army council then?!


    You really should stop digging!

  15. The public doesn’t know who is on the Army Council. Is that another thing you want to provide evidence for?

  16. “That’s a slightly disturbing thought.”

    It is. What is more disturbing to me is that his posts are being allowed, uninterrupted, by our host.

    I think it is reasonable to ask if our host agrees with Deluded Unionist’s posts?

    If he does, then those of us who disagree know how we are regarded on this site.

    I have always posted here in good faith.

  17. I don’t think he will agree with them in its entirety. Obviously he would agree with some of it but not all of it. David has some modicum of intelligence, something LU is somewhat deprived of.

  18. P.S.

    I am not posting here to be provocative. My sole aim has been always to challenge fixed, and sometimes bigoted attitudes.

  19. I agree and I think most people are like that. Many of us have views that are provocative and will illicit disagreement and argument. But those people are normally willing to discuss those views in a civilised manner.

  20. Paul, Wouldn’t give you the time of day

    So why do you spend so much time replying to my contributions?

    I have cosistantly asked you to authenticate your claims, you have consistantly refused to do so.

    That leads me to one conclusion, that you are a liar.

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