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By ATWadmin On December 1st, 2006

Underneath the initial oddity of this story there lurks a more serious point. Basically, residents of the town of Katy near Houston are using pigs to deter local Islamists from building a Mosque in the locale. The local ROP representatives are determined to build their Mosque anyway, but local residents have a cunning plan

Craig Baker owns pigs. He’s the guy behind the second big yellow sign on Baker Road. That’s the one announcing Friday night pig races. "What does it matter, I can do whatever I want with my land right," asked landowner Craig Baker. Sure can. But aren’t pigs on the property line racing on a Friday night a little offensive to a Muslim neighbor?  "The meat of a pig is prohibited in the religion of Islam," said Katy Islamic Association member Youssof Allam. "It’s looked upon as a dirty creature." Yeah, there’s that and also that Friday night is a Muslim holy day. "That is definitely a slap in the face," said Allam..


Now before you go thinking Craig Baker is unfair, or full of hate, or somehow racist, hear him out. Baker has long roots here. His family named the road and when the new neighbors moved in, he tells us, they asked him to move out. "Basically that I should package up my family and my business and find a place elsewhere," said Baker. "That’s ridiculous, they just bought the place one week prior and he’s telling me I should think about leaving."


Don’t know about you, but I’m sure hoping Mr Baker can bring home the bacon on this one!

22 Responses to “HOGS AGAINST ALLAH!”

  1. Unreal. He should move, huh? I am glad he is showing some spirit of defiance.

  2. David: I tried to dig a little deeper into the story but couldn’t come up with much. I would note that the Katy Islamic Association choose the worst acronym (K.I.A.) since Nixon ran in 1972 (C.R.E.E.P. the Committee to Relect the President).

    The story strikes me as a tad one sided for a local televison station. There was no comment sought from KIA regarding the claim that they were trying to force out the landowners (or that they could even do so). I suspect what seems funny because it is a Mosque would not seem so funny to some folks if the pig races were being used to discourage the building of a synagogue.

    Maybe out intrepid friend Charles in Texas can dig up some more information for us. I am all for small landowners fending off hostile takeovers, but I’ll need a few more details before I start betting on a pig in a poke.

  3. Well, I have delved into this story at Mahon’s request, and the Texans aren’t looking so good!
    There seems to be a small group of muslims in Katy Tx, pop. 12,000. They are members of the Dawoodi Bohra branch of Islam based from Bombay, India. They aren’t aligned with the Sunnis, who actually persecute them.

    Katy is 80% white, 18% hispanic, 1% black (1% !?) and 1% asian. No Catholic church. (MR buys one way ticket).

    I’l see what else I can find!

  4. Charles – Great Work and the comment on MR will keep me laughing through the weekend (I hope he sees it he would enjoy it as well). If the Confederacy had survived I would support your nomination for Director of Intelligence.

  5. Charles,

    Great to see the ATW global grapevine working so well! I also enjoyed the comment re MR – I bet he’s already in Texas!!!

  6. Thanks David and Mahons. I’ve put a call into the director of the muslim man in Katy, to get his side of the story, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Director of Confederate Intellegence? The easiest job this side of book manager at the Bush Library!

  7. Charles: Save that last line for the sixteen word sentence competion. It is a winner.

  8. Mmmm….maybe we need to consider the Clinton Library…

  9. David: Only fair since Clinton will be considering the Librarian.

  10. <Q>MR – I bet he’s already in Texas!!!</Q>

    Steady on folks.
    No Catholics means only protestant women – and they are just TOO virtuous! (J.K)

  11. MR – Brillant.

  12. No Catholics


  13. "They are just too virtuous"

    Mmmm , not all of them, going by some of the racy comments our Aileen has come out with in the last few days 😉

  14. Colm: I consider that an affront to Aileen’s honor. Therefore, I wholly concur.

  15. Colm

    I have an uneasy feeling that one of my commnets had a meaning that I didn’t mean and still don;t understand.

    That said I meant the rest of them.

    Mahons is such a bad influence!

  16. LOL mahons

    missed that comment!

  17. Tongue in cheek of course (and don’t hit me with a pun on that one). Off for the weekend shortly and will be working on my masterpiece post.

  18. "Tongue in cheek of course "

    Too easy! Too easy! Too many jokes! Too many jokes! must resist! must resist!

  19. LOL – Hold that thought until Monday. I’m off. Have a good one.

  20. Mahons

    I hope you and yours have a great weekend!

  21. MR

    "No Catholics means only protestant women – and they are just TOO virtuous!"

    Cough…Bessbrook…Cough 😉

  22. Aileen

    What was the comment that was misunderstood. Maybe I will be able to gently explain it’s risque meaning to you – as long as you don’t faint 😉