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Wonder how Arlene Foster, our esteemed Enterprise Minister, is getting on with her strategy to deliver economic growth?

 Northern Ireland private sector firms, across all sectors, reported a marked deterioration in output last month. Meanwhile, the forward looking new orders index fell sharply to its lowest level in 16 months.  Twice as many firms reported a drop in new orders in May as those who reported a rise. This suggests that further declines in business output can be expected in the months ahead. Whilst lack of demand remains the primary problem, this is closely followed by profitability…. 

Whoops. Meanwhile our Sovietised Public Sector economy remains intact, dominating all it surveys, with no substantive cuts and no political desire to rebalance the ec0nomy. Why? Well, with so many public sector votes at stake, it’s easy to just pose for photo-ops and pretend all is well. The reality is all to visible across our high streets and industrial estates – decline and decay. All hail the State….

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