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I’m going to be in France later this week so I was hugely entertained to read this news;

French President Francois Hollande’s Socialists and allies came out on top in first-round parliamentary elections Sunday, poised to secure the majority needed to push through tax-and-spend reforms. The Socialists, Greens and allies won around 46 per cent of the vote, ahead of the 34 per cent for ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy’s  UMP party and its allies, the final results released by the interior ministry showed.

As for his “reforms” – well, that’s where the fun starts!

He has already shown his firm commitment to economic lunacy by CUTTING the state pension age (!) and assuming he gets this working majority then he will start to spend even more, borrow even more and tax even more. Such is the Socialist dream! Now, what can possibly go wrong with that plan ?

Best  of all, when you call this rampant recklessness “going for growth” you get a sympathetic media treatment and loads of votes as everyone choose Narnia over reality. I bet the French bail out will be of cosmic proportions when it comes…..truth will out and Francois the Foolish will be spoken off in years to come as the man who ruined France. But for the moment, he is the man they all love…even London estate agents love him as the wealthy French head for London and sanctuary.

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One thought on “NARNIA TRIUMPHANT!

  1. The French are quitting economic suicide, I have never cared for the French so I shed no tear. I too watch in amusement. As every nation around them collapses due to refusing to cut their socialist playbooks the french decide to double down,

    You are wrong though they will not look back at Hollande and call him foolish, they will look back and blame either the English, the Germans, or anyone else for causing him to fail.

    They are French after all

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