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It’s the cosmic incompetency of it all that so impresses me;

Northern Ireland Finance Minister Sammy Wilson is blaming an oversight in his private office for a delay in giving the finance committee details of executive spending worth billions.

The finance minister has apologised to the committee, but one member has said he is not satisfied with the explanation. The committee has to scrutinise the latest budget bill. However, the minister failed for two successive weeks to ensure the figures were with the committee. Last week an official told the committee that was because the minister was still considering the bill. The minister subsequently wrote to apologise for the delay blaming an oversight in the private office.

With morons like this running the equivalent of our Exchequer, is it any wonder our economy languishes in the economic doldrums?

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  1. in which one of his many jobs with their abundant expenses is he the most incompetent?

  2. He managed to not ‘Oversee’ any of these ..

    Northern Ireland taxpayers paid for Sammy Wilson’s Twix, soup and fab fruity yoghurt

    Friday, 11 December 2009

    Sammy Wilson

    Northern Ireland taxpayers paid for Sammy Wilson’s Twix, soup and fab fruity yoghurt
    Former Northern Ireland spokesman claimed £20,000 for work on bell tower at his mansion
    Northern Ireland peer is the most expensive in House of Lords
    A fresh insight into MPs’ claims for taxpayers’ cash
    DUP MP Sammy Wilson billed taxpayers for groceries bought in London including a fruity yoghurt pack, strawberries and chicken soup.

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland-taxpayers-paid-for-sammy-wilsonrsquos-twix-soup-and-fab-fruity-yoghurt-14594596.html#ixzz1xZjhs6X0

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