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US: Russia sending Syria attack helicopters

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration said Tuesday that Russia is sending attack helicopters to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime and warned that the Arab country’s 15-month conflict could become even deadlier.

Diplomatic hopes have rested on Washington and Moscow agreeing on a transition plan that would end the 40-year Assad regime.

Russia and Syria have a longstanding military relationship and Syria hosts Russia’s only naval base on the Mediterranean Sea. But in light of the brutal violence, the U.S. has repeatedly demanded that any further deliveries of weaponry be halted. Russian military support in the form of materiel as advanced as attack helicopters would deal a serious blow to efforts to starve the Syrian army of supplies.

Screw Kofi Anon, and Barrack Obama

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16 thoughts on “Putin say’s Screw You to International Community, Especially to the U.S.

  1. An apache would make short work of a poorly engineered russian piece of crap like that 😉

  2. “Russia and Syria have a longstanding military relationship and Syria hosts Russia’s only naval base on the Mediterranean Sea.”

    And that’s what it’s all about. The Kremlin couldn’t give a stuff for the Assads, but if it loses Tartus and the Bosphorus were closed, Russia has no access to the Med.

    I wonder who Washington wants to win in Syria?

  3. But in light of the brutal violence, the U.S. has repeatedly demanded that any further deliveries of weaponry be halted

    The US has ‘demanded’…? What the hell gives the US the authority to demand anything of two countries, both of which are not the US? When is the US going to cease arming these ‘rebels’ who seem to get advanced weaponry out of thin air, just like the Fed’s ‘money’?

    The list of Bilderberg (closed meeting of power-brokers) attendees is interesting. All of those from the ‘democracies’ are representatives from Establishment business and politics but there were three participants from Russia – all opponents of Putin: likewise for the Syrian reps who are all opposed to Assad.

  4. There is almost certainly something in what Allan is saying. Dark forces appear to be at work in Syria.

  5. Pete, I was on another political forum earlier today, and someone mentioned gazprom threatening to cut off Greece’s fuel supply if payment isn’t received within 10 days.

    I wonder if Russia will work out some sort of deal in exchange for access to Greek ports. It wouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility, consdering both countries have an eastern orthodox tradition, and Greece was part of the ‘east’ long before it was incorporated into the modern day ‘west’…

  6. “Putin say’s Screw You to International Community”

    No more than when the US continues to sell arms to Israel.

  7. BB –

    You never know. There are plenty of commies in Greek politics and the country must have enough of the EU sooner or later. I wouldn’t be wholly surprised if Moscow came over all sweet to Athens one day, in exchange for favours.

  8. Allan – the Irish finance minister attended the most recent Bilderberg meeting at the taxpayers expense, and still refuses to disclose anything that went on during his time there.

  9. with any luck, the military will sieze power in Greece, its the way to prevent the communist/leftist rabble taking control of the levers of power.

    Giving the turks a bloody nose in the process would be a bonus 😉

  10. BB –

    If the Greek military moved to block the communists then I’d wish the Generals every success. Curbing the extremes of democracy and Statism is one of the very points of a military.

  11. I now read that there are mass demonstrations in Russia against Putin who was recently re-elected President in a tarnished though clear victory. The demosntrations come shortly after the Bilderberg gathering in Maryland where opponents of Putin met with those who would be most likely to support and finance any malcontents in Russia. Strangely, this is exactly the template for the current Syrian conflict and for the externally-managed revolt in Libya. Are the psycopaths in charge of the ‘west’ now targetting nuclear-armed Russia for insurrection?


    As an aside, I read a remark by Jesse Ventura on the US elections. He said that presidential candidates “should be required to wear a NASCAR racing suit to show who owns them”.

  12. Syria is Russia’s only ally in the Arab world, and it is also a client of Iran. Russia and Iran will not abandon Assad, especially when his opponents are Sunni fundamentalists in the orbit of the Saudis. The wild card is Tukey. It has a huge army and may find a pretext to intervene in its former colony. In which case Assad will have to flee at once, but his billions of dollars of loot is safely stashed in the usual places and he’ll always be welcome in Moscow.

  13. Troll, why do you think or expect other foreign powers should be on America’s same page or act in our best interests?

    They have their own national agenda, to assume otherwise is pathetically myopic and selfishly stupid.

    Why should Russia do America’s bidding? Would you argue that we should do theirs if they were the world’s superpower?

  14. Daphne I think nothing of the kind I’m just putting cards on the table, What does any country really have to care about the needs of another unless they lack something the other country has. In that case it usually ends in trade or war.

    This post along with a few others I have made are simply informational in the sense that they point out that a) Russia is not the Soviet Union but Russia is still a super power. b)Russia is in a process of re-exerting that super power.

    The UN wants the fighting to stop, other than it’s military port the Russians could care less about what happens in Syria either side that prevails will continue to deal with the Russians because that is who they know.

    Putin is sending a message to both the UN and the Obama administration.

    PM I like the Greece Idea, if the greeks were really smart they could get the Russians to pay enough to balance their budget in trade for such a base.

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