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One of the deliberate evils of quantitative easing in the last few years has been the lowering of pension fund annuities. It was a conscious act of mass plunder on behalf of the politially connected.

Don’t hold out any hope then that the traitors of Westminster will do anything about new EU pension rules, due to be inflicted on January 2014. They decree that our private pensions must hold higher amounts of government bonds than now. According to the Mail’s crib sheet, these are “safer” than “riskier” corporate bonds with higher rates of return. In reality, the peons cannot be trusted to buy the debt their children must repay, so the EU assumes control over our funds to make us do so.

The effect, according to Deloitte, “suggests annuity rates will plunge by between five and 20 per cent when the directive comes into force in January 2014. A £100,000 pension pot currently gives an income of £5,837, but once the regulations come into effect they will be between £292 and £1,167 a year worse off.”

The Mail quotes Dr Ros Altmann, director-general of Saga: “The EU rules will make the value of pensions fall further. Its a series of pieces of bad news for British pensioners. As a result of these rules everyone will get much less pension out of their fund. We don’t know exactly how much less. We are anxious that the UK Government should stand up for UK pensioners.”

Don’t be daft love! The British government exists to plunder us. It’s why all governments exist, to paint a respectable mask on that pack of thieves writ large. If ministers and MPs had to put up with the same pensions as the rest of us, well then we’d see some fight, but the priestly caste uses the law to live differently and, through force, violence and coercion, makes us pay for their priviledge.
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2 thoughts on “SOLVENCY ABUSE

  1. There is a complete conflict of interest at play here. The governments are lining up cheap financing for themselves and are not looking out for the pensioners.

    Under these rules, a Greek or Spanish annuity company would be ” encouraged ” to put investments in Greek or Spanish bonds?

    If so, that does not benefits the government and no one else.

  2. The entire point of investing or insurance is to diversify among a portfolio of strong investments.

    This goes completely against that principle.

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