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By ATWadmin On December 1st, 2006

stormont203.jpgJohn Coulter has sent me a copy of his most recent article entitled "If Stormont Fails".  The full version can be found here at the Open Republic Institute. I suggest you go there and give it a read. In essence John argues that Unionism must be clever and not miss the chance to embrace power-sharing with Sinn Fein/IRA, as otherwise the Assembly will fall and joint authority will cast a dark and looming shadow over this land. What do you think?

John has asked for comments, so I hope he will take mine in the spirit of friendly engagement that they are offered. 

My initial reaction is to define John’s argument as a somewhat more refined version of the unlamented "Vichy Unionism."  It predicates itself on the bogus Bogey Man theory of Northern Ireland politics. Do what I tell you now, or something much worse will come your way. BOO! The "threat" of Joint Authority is a ridiculous construct – about as substantial as a will-of-the-wisp, or Reg Empey’s comb-over. 

It also neatly sidesteps the awful reality that to endorse power-sharing with terrorists is to invalidate the basis for Unionism in the first place! Which other part of the UK welcomes Mafiosa into Government, exactly?

Furthermore, it also avoids the fact that the "New Unionism" of Mr Trimble was comprehensively rejected by the pro-Union electorate and poor old DT is out of a job.

John postulates "revolutionary unionism" – embracing 32 counties. I counter this by stating that what he argues for is de-evolving unionism – a dying swan creed for the defeatists out there.

My sincere hope is that Unionists avoid the Assembly at all costs. Devolution baited with traces of terrorism is toxic – stay away.  Over to you….!

7 Responses to “IF STORMONT FAILS…..”

  1. Is there a bug in the system, where are all the comments gone ?

  2. Kloot,

    Yeah – there was a glitch earlier and anything that had been posted vanished! Sorry about that – I hope readers will repost if possible! My apologies.

  3. Friday glitches eh 🙂

    Ill repost if i get a chance

  4. Dr Coulter has been down this path before.

    To be strictly accurate, Dr Coulter has been down just about every path before; seemingly in a desperate effort to be proved right on something.

    His options:

    1) Paisley signs up to a deal that puts Republicanism at heart of NI Government. Does Coulter actually believe that that would solve the problem? For SF the Agreement remains a transitional phase.

    2) Paisley doesn’t sign up and we get Plan B.

    3) We create something called Revolutionary Unionism which has its roots in the Protestant Ascendancy!!!!!

    Dear God, Dear God, Dear God. If anything, Coulter’s stuff is worse than the "intellectual lundyism" (hat-tip to my old friend Alex Kane for that phrase) of Norman Porter.

    A thoroughly depressing read. It’s no wonder that Coulter and Roy Garland are used by the nationalist media—every vestige and sense of their unionist identity has been washed away in an effort to please their pay masters.


  5. SF or joint sovereignty? How about this?

    Commonwealth of Ireland made up of 2 autonomous jurisdictions

    1) The Republic of Ireland – 3 provinces of relatively undisputed Irishness

    2) The Dominion of Ulster – 9 counties, roughly equal religious populations, joint heads of state are the President of the Commonwealth of Ireland (elected by whole Island) and the Queen’s rep, the Lord Lieutenant. Traditional majoritarian democracy, no change unless all 9 counties or 75% of the people agree to it. 54 MLA’s in Dail Uladh / Legislative Assembly. three from each of 18 constituencies by STV. All TD’s / MLA’s have rights at Dail Eireann (total 166 for Island) and highest scorer in each constituency has right to enter westminster (effectively an alternative vote run-off using STV).

  6. maybe better to afford only Senate and Lords access to Ulster lot to avoid current English whinging re Scots.

  7. Nobel Peace Prize for Jaffa!