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Not just your cash, but your reputation.

By Mike Cunningham On June 30th, 2012

The Words of ‘Chairman’ Andrew Mitchell Sec. State, and his Dept. for International Development.

‘aid from the British people is achieving extraordinary results, ‘

‘The UK is the highest aid giver of all countries in the G8’

“The Coalition Government is the first government in history to set out, in black and white in the Spending Review, clear plans to honour the UK’s long standing promises on aid.”

“Following relentless pressure from the Coalition Government, the EU is already reforming the way it spends aid, making it more transparent, results-focused and targeted at the poorest people.”

Aid from Britain will be badged with a Union Flag overseas, as a clear symbol that it comes from the United Kingdom.

My own feelings, for what they are worth, is that as long as evidence is published such as this incredibly detailed exposé of incompetence, corruption, malfeasance-in-office and downright theft, are that the whole DfID shebang should be disbanded forthwith, any projects summarily would down, senior DfID staffers fired for sheer incompetence, and Mitchell forced to run for cover behind his buddy Cameron’s coat-tails.

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