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I see that our pernicious government is set to announce that children as young as two will be eligible for free nursery care, as part of the Government Children’s Plan being unveiled on Tuesday.

Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, will announce the new subsidised places for poorer families when he details the 10-year plan to the Commons, the Guardian newspaper reported.  The Government already guarantees 12.5 hours a week of free childcare for all three and four-year-olds.

How long before they offer free nursery care for one year olds – or better still,  new born babies? The State is constantly seeking to encroach and remove the responsibilities of the parents. That’s why these "poor" families are such a great target for the control freaks in power. Just imagine that poor two year old who attends government regulated nursery care – so much indoctrination, so much manipulation from the most tender of years. Beware those bearing gifts….

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3 thoughts on “GIVE US YOUR CHILDREN…

  1. Frakked,

    You think it’ll end there? Give it a couple more years and Gordon will be around to sire our kids for us.

  2. ‘Beware of geeks bearing gifts’, more likely.

    The govt may be thinking 10 years ahead, but it is also anticipating what it’s policy of the last 10 years will result in, as well: ie. higher illegitimacy rates among growing ethnic groups and kiddies with no parents. Plus a mini ‘bulge-baby’ boom among the recent arrivals from eastern Europe.
    There will be more and more of more of this ‘patch & mend as we go’ policy from the govt.
    But that depends on the public purse of course, and I feel in my water, this bountifull source is going to dry up pretty soon.

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