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I was sorry to read that the one of Ireland’s best-known models has died after collapsing at a friend’s house. Sources have confirmed Katy French had taken cocaine – and was not admitted to hospital until 10am on Sunday, an inexplicable eight hours after she reportedly collapsed at a house in Kilmessan, Co. Meath. Just a few hours before State Pathologist Marie Cassidy arrived for the autopsy, Katy French’s shattered family emerged grim-faced from the mortuary of Navan Hospital after saying their last goodbyes. Driugs seem to go hand and the glamour game but how often it seems to end in tragedy. Die Young stay Pretty is the biggest lie.

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17 thoughts on “JUST A WASTE…

  1. Total and complete waste. Instead of doing more about the drugs problem our right wing Govt here in the Republic are waffling on about ‘personal responsibility’ – this is just a cop out to avoid having to do more about the problem.

  2. This makes me angry. I’d want to know who her "friends" were. Don’t tell me that a large number of them didn’t know that this was going on. And don’t tell me that a number of them weren’t active enablers.

  3. Phantom,

    She was with just two others when she collapsed; a couple. While I don’t know the facts I don’t think we can jump to conclusions about her friends. If a grown adult wants to take coke, not much their friends can do about it. From what I’ve been told she was just taking it recreationally and didn’t have an addiction.

    She was a beautiful girl with buckets of personality. It’s all very sad.

  4. I’m not even speaking of those who were with her at the moment she died. Its very unlikely that this was her first time using it. And I doubt she used it alone all the time.

    She was responsible for her own actions. But those who saw what was going on and said nothing and did nothing are guilty of being false friends and enablers.

    If someone I cared about was using cocaine, I’d intervene. They might hate me for it at the time, but I absolutely would do something. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a circle of friends to kill a drugs user.

  5. Phantom,

    I see where you’re coming from but I would take a different view. Plenty people I know take coke, although very few take it regularly. If I asked/told/pleaded with any of them not to take it I’d be laughed out of town.

    If a friend had a problem, an addiction, it’d be a different story. I’d do everything in my power to help them even if I knew I wasn’t going to be thanked for it, as you say. But from what I’ve been told, Katy French just took a bit of coke now and then at parties. Millions of people do that and most of them live to tell the tale.

  6. We should make sure to buy Eric Claptons Cd. This contains that famous hit song ‘Cocaine’.
    He and his kind should wake up and see the damage their sponsorship causes.

  7. Dublin Prod,

    our right wing Govt here in the Republic are waffling on about ‘personal responsibility’

    Agreed. Ireland is becoming very individualistic and that is to be deplored.

  8. JG, You are right we can’t directly blame Claptout. J.J. Cale is the real culprit.
    He (Clapton) after all only advertises the product.
    She made the choice to take the stuff.

  9. Just today another person, a yound man this time, died in Waterford after being in a coma for 2 weeks after taking cocaine at a party. Another lad had also taken the same "damp cocaine" at the same party and also died.

    Katy was a great girl, a kind of Irish Marilyn Monroe, had a big, big heart. She visited Calcutta for a charity last year and this year raised EUR 100,000 for a hospital for sick children in Crumlin, Dublin.
    She was vivacious, beautiful and intelligent, but of course also very silly.

  10. I wasn’t aware of Katy French before her fatal misadventure. But she was one of three cocaine related deaths in the last week in Ireland. I feel so sorry for all the families and as a parent I dread that despite my best efforts I might be faced with such a calamity one day.

    I don’t think legalisation is the answer. Most of our addiction problems are caused by very legal alcohol. Nor can we achieve much by a clampdown on dealers. The lure of the cash means someone will step in to supply the demand. Of course they should be harassed as much as possible by the Gardai.

    But it is demand we have to tackle in my view.

    Random drug testing should be introduced in all kinds of situations. Cocaine or heroin should result in the loss of driving licence, social welfare entitlements and tax credits.

    Pubs and clubs where dealing and drug use goes on should be closed down. If we are not willing to get serious we should just shut up and stop pretending to care.

  11. Henry94, tbh people like ‘Bertie Brownenvelope’ and ‘Harney the Hutt’ are more concerned with increasing their already inflated salaries and pensions while they still have their fat little hands on the levers of power….

  12. I can safely say I’d never heard of her until last week; then again, I don’t read the gossip column in the Sindo (well, I don’t read the Sindo at all for that matter).

    It’s a dreadful tragedy for her family. But why all the media coverage? Apparently, one of the Irish tabloids referred to her as "Our Diana". Jesus wept.

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