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Have to say I am also pleased with this latest news on the “Boston Tapes”;

The family of Jean McConville, murdered and secretly buried by the IRA 40 years ago, have welcomed a US appeal court ruling that an interview with a former IRA bomber should be handed to police. In the Boston College recording, Dolours Price allegedly discusses Mrs McConville’s death. She spoke on the strict understanding that the interview would be kept secret until after her death.

I wonder what she had to say about alleged Gerry Adams role in the kidnapping, torture and murder of Mrs McConville? As you know, Adams denies that he was in the IRA. Just like Machine Gun McGuinness claims he left the IRA in the early ’70’s to pursue a career fishing. The outrage of some at this decision by the US Appeal Court is curious. Don’t they WANT people to know EXACTLY went on within the IRA? Don’t they want a little light shone into the darkness of the Provos? I suppose there is a real risk that the halo that surrounds certain IRA warlords now masquerading as politicians might be tarnished if the truth gets out. Wouldn’t that be just awful? Of course since it is the PSNI that will get the information, we should not hold our breaths. The PSNI continues to pander to Republicans at every opportunity and is heavily politicised so I doubt that cages will be rattled too heavily.

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  1. These tapes are a total irrelevance. The teflon provos will still be strutting their stuff in Stormont, Parliament and the Dail, as Baggott doesn’t have the cahonas to act on anything contained in the BC tapes.

  2. “The teflon provos will still be strutting their stuff in Stormont,”

    Rightly and wrongly British governments have lost the will to pursue the issue of guilt re IRA pin-up boys and their resumes.
    Wrong because the pursuit of justice has been abandoned.
    (Relatively)rightly because at some point in time this conflict must come to an end, and bridges must be built.
    People may not like to hear it, but Great Britain has shrivelled into a client state of the EU. Northern Ireland is being left to its own devices, much as India and Pakistan were all those years ago.

  3. If Adams or other senior SF people were involved in the horrific murder of Jean McConville then it should be brought to light.

  4. I’d also like to see it all come out, although Glenn40 is right that it won’t make a bit of difference, as for the people in the North and South history is not what it used to be.

    BTW, is there anyone apart from Adams’ implacable foes who claim he was involved in this killing?

  5. If Adams or other senior SF people were involved in the horrific murder of Jean McConville then it should be brought to light

    Absolutely correct Petr.The conflict here was squalid and dirty and the inhuman acts of all sides, Republican, loyalist and state should be brought to light.

    It is also interesting that those opposed to SF take the word of someone they would class as a terrorist.I remember a similar feeding frenzy when Darkie Hughes said the same in Ed Maloney’s book Lost Lives but conveniantly ommitted the part where Hughes stated that the IRA had previously caught Gene McConville with a British Army radio transmitter and had warned her.

    As I said, it was a dirty, treacherous, squalid conflict and no sides have clean hands.

  6. You’re right, Paul.

    I can’t remember who exactly but a number of Adams’ former comrades have claimed he was centrally involved if I’m not mistaken.

  7. It was Brendan Hughes Petr. He said that the IRA had caught Jean McConville with a radio transmitter and that she admitted she was relaying information to the British Army to Republicans.

    Hughes claimed that as she was a widower with ten children the IRA warned her to desist and when it was discovered that she had continued the decision was taken to kill her. He claimed that Adams was involved in creating the group who abducted her.

    If Brendan Hughes is correct the cynicism shown by both the IRA & the British Army towards this poor woman’s life is unimagineable

  8. *she admitted she was relaying information to the British Army on Republicans

  9. Hopefully the nationalist scum that perpetrated this outrage will be prosecuted and sent screaming from this world straight into the firey realms of beelzebub for an eternity of agony!!

  10. Don’t be fooled people. The reason this action was taken was not to bring the truth to light but to make sure nobody else told their story to the Boston project.

    The extent to which the British security establishment are now pretty much doing the bidding of Sinn Fein against the dissidents is absolutely stunning. If you are willing to believe that this action will result in Gerry Adams being charged in relation to anything then I have a very nice bridge for sale you may be interested in.

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